Election: The leader of the German conservatives hanged

Angela Merkel’s conservative party is plunged into crisis with calls for its president Armin Lasquet to resign after the legislative debacle, further complicating its efforts to demand the formation of a future government.

The leader of the Christian Democrats has fallen to a historic low, with a score below 30% for the first time since 1949, with Mr Lechte not wanting to admit defeat and succeeding Angela Merkel in chancellorship.

“We are ready to engage in negotiations to form a coalition” launched the unpopular candidate, with the FDP’s Greens and Liberals, in the third and fourth ballots, respectively.

The former journalist who became president of Germany’s most populous region knows that his career will undoubtedly be crippled if he gives up.

– «Point Final» –

One who has a reputation for always standing on his own feet also thinks he can win the day when the Social Democrats come a little ahead on Sunday to come to an agreement with environmentalists and especially liberals, a right-wing party. failed. A very strong program. away from them.

But Armin Lasquet has seen his troops turn against him since Sunday.

“Who can convince Armin Laschett that it’s over?” The carelessness with which he tries to hide his political failure is worrying,” summarized the daily Sudeutsche Zeitung on Tuesday.

The first meeting of the Conservative group in the Bundestag on Tuesday afternoon is likely to turn in court against that candidate, marking the erosion of a bloc, down 9 points since the last election in 2017. The score at that time was already considered disappointing.

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It was Saxony’s minister-president Michael Kreischmer who initiated the hostilities: “The voters have clearly told us + the CDU is not our first choice”. Acting as if nothing has happened will lead us to ruin, ”warned the leader of this land of the former GDR, beaten with extreme authority on Sunday.

“I don’t think we can claim to lead the next government,” said another party baron, Norbert Rottgen.

“We have lost. Full stop,” echoed CDU youth leader Thilaman Kuban.

Faced with this revolt, Mr Lashet had to pledge, acknowledging that the CDU, one of the oldest European parties in power for 16 years, “needs renewal” at all levels.

His speech on the future coalition has also changed little, with Mr Lachette now limiting himself to saying that “no party has a clear mandate to form a government”, neither the CDU nor the SPD.

– mistaken candidate –

But these warnings weren’t enough to ease the pressure around Mr Lasquet. opposite of this.

Even the veteran boss of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, one of Mr Lachette’s main supporters within the party, dropped his colt, admitting that the Conservative Union could make “no claim to the responsibility of the government”. .

Another regional leader close to Mr Lachette, Daniel Gunther, has also distanced himself from a candidate who was not an “property” during the campaign.

The base deputy has called for the resignation of Mr Lachette, the author of a failed campaign despite her apparently joining Ms Merkel’s domestic stretch.

“I would have liked an awareness. You have lost, show good judgment, save the CDU from further harm and resign,” urged Alain Demuth, a youth member of the Rhineland-Palatinate.

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German public opinion seems to have made the decision without ambiguity. According to the INSA Poll for Build, about 58% of citizens believe that the CDU-CSU does not have the “legitimate” to form the next government.

Mr Lachet clears all doubts and dissent on his person: 51% want Armin Lachet to resign as party chief less than a year after his election.

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