Election in america | Democratic leaders call for activism of mechanism to impeach Trump

Democratic leaders in Congress have asked Vice President Mike Pence and the presidential cabinet to initiate the impeachment of Donald Trump through the 25th Amendment of the Constitution. Leader in the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and new majority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, have assured that they are willing to facilitate the process in Congress. “It was an act of treason,” Pelosi said. President-elect Joe Biden has accused the outgoing president of “trying to use a mob to silence the voices of about 160 million Americans” and called the Capitol attackers “terrorists” and “rebels”.

On Wednesday, a mob provoked by Trump forced the vice president to vacate and suspend the session, with Biden to be confirmed as the next president. It took the police four hours to get control of the buildings. A woman was shot and killed by Trump supporters during the events. In addition, three other people were killed in incidents related to the assault. Following the attack on the Capitol, Congress on Thursday morning confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in the November elections.

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