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The first direct observation of gravitational waves was announced by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). Previously, gravitational waves were only indirectly estimated by the effect of pulsar time on the binary star system, and the wave matched Einstein’s prediction of general relativity. However, the American theoretical physicist. James Gates says that there is another theory of German genius that may soon prove correct.

Speaking during Neil Degrass Tyson’s StarTalk podcast, he said: “Einstein wrote four papers in 1905, and one of those papers mentions that energy has to be measured.

“We know that Einstein does not like quantum theory, but because of this paper about the photoelectric effect, he is actually one of the founding fathers.

“Now that we have seen gravitational waves, we want to determine the amount of energy that is driven by those waves.

“When we do that, there will be gravity in our universe.

“You want to be able to determine the amount of energy that gravitational waves contain that tells you that gravities – at the time it was no longer a science fiction – are a part of science.”

In theoretical physics, gravity is the approximate quantum of gravity, an elementary particle that mediates the force of gravity.

Dr. Tyson broke it down into a simple explanation.

He added: “A photon is a particle of light, but you can also say light as a wave, so it is a proper analogy.

“We’ve measured gravitational waves, now we want to measure its particles.”

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But Dr White said the identification of Graviton could break it.

He continued: “Graviton’s detection needs to be reconsidered as to what gravity is.

“Some of us already have, I don’t think about gravity in geometry, it makes sense to the theory.”

To confirm this, Dr. Tyson asked: “What you are saying is that Einstein’s theory seems to be an appropriate advantage in some situations that give you the right answer?

“You’re good with it, but isn’t that the whole story?”

Dr. White confirmed that this statement is true, that more needs to be done to gain a better idea of ​​what gravity is.

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