EHRC board members under investigation for using social media Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

Black Live Matters, a board member of the government’s Equality Observatory, criticized the protesters and “liked” or retweeted social media posts, describing the term “misogynist and homophobia” as a “highly ideological propaganda term” in the latest debate surrounding the EHRC, the Guardian reported.

Alasday’s Henderson, who led the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s investigation into Labor’s opposition this year, also liked a tweet calling him a “criminal offender”, accusing Roger Scrotton of sincerity, Islamophobia and homophobia, and Douglas Murray, who once To ban Muslim immigration to Europe.

In an EHRC report released last month, he said: “The Labor Party has failed to investigate opposition allegations based on likes, retweets and shares on social media.”

After contacting the guardian, the commission said it would look into Henderson’s use of social media. He is one of the nine EHRC commissioners and has been on the Watchtower Board since 2018.

In the case of political appointments of commissioners, Watchdog is an independent body established to “promote equality and diversity, eliminate inequality, and protect and promote the human rights of all in Britain”.

Sept. 3, Henderson likes A tweet Which read: “It amazes me that Tory ministers are still flustered and flabbergasted when some media persuade Moron to use the magic words ‘misogynist’ and ‘homophobia’, as if they were empirical statements about reality, not a condition of high ideological propaganda.”

On July 1, he tweeted A comment That said: “All the fascists in Europe are protesting against America, indeed a free country. It is very cowardly for Hong Kong to do this, which is now practically a dictatorship.”

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Henderson is the latest commissioner, and their views have come under scrutiny following the announcement that Equality Minister Liz Truss will appoint David Goodhart and Jessica Bacher.

Goodhart praised the government’s “unfavorable environment” policy and called on women who have been discriminated against in the butcher’s workplace to “lead the way in provoking the situation” so as not to “cry to anyone”.

Former Commissioner Lord Woolley said: “What is the process of examining the people who come to the Commission for Equality? There is a process to look at these people and examine them and this person. [Henderson] Are you doing this on Twitter? When David Goodhart commented that he had made a comment that was deeply disturbing, what were the procedures? “

Woolley, director and co-founder of Operation Black Vote, said the EHRC still did as well as its recent Winders report, but feared it was “deeply politicized”, citing the Conservative Party’s refusal to conduct an Islamophobia investigation.

“We now need more than ever an EHRC that is uniquely diverse, diverse and ready to face the big inequalities of the day,” he said.

Philosopher and author Scroton, who died in January, was accused of being anti-Christian, after being appointed housing adviser to the government in November 2018, after he was found to have previously described Jews in Budapest as part of the “Soros Empire”. Islamophobia and homophobia were not “invented” and homosexuality was not “common”.

Henderson liked the story as soon as it broke A tweet It says: “If one of our most respected thinkers and writers, Roger Scrotton, spreads public life through criminal-minded enterprising people, we can pack up and go home.”

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On June 24, Henderson picked up a tweet from Douglas Marr in response to a statement defending the rights of academic staff to hold personal and controversial opinions at the University of Cambridge, Dr. Murray: “No. No one believes that. We think of the cases of Noah Carl and Jordan Peterson. When your company comes to the public it drops them in 2 seconds. But it’s interesting that you’re really a race-out for this time.”

In 2006, Murray addressed the Dutch parliament, calling for an end to “immigration from Muslim countries to all Europe” and “tightening the board’s conditions for Muslims in Europe”. Noah Carl was fired from a college at Cambridge University when a panel found that he had collaborated with far-reaching extremists in his writings with intelligence intelligence connections.

Carl defended his work on race and genetics, arguing that “arguing about forbidden things can in itself cause active harm.” Peterson, a self-styled “professor against political precision,” says identity politics is “equally dangerous” to the left and right, and he has become a champion in personal responsibility. Murray later commented that his speech in the Netherlands “does not reflect my views” but warned against “social questions” raised by Islam.

David Isaac, the outgoing EHRC chairman in June, said: “The Covid epidemic and the Black Lives Matter campaign have accelerated society’s awareness of inequality and the need for human rights.”

But in the same month, Henderson liked a tweet thread Included: “Met clearly (illegal under Covid) is treating the BLM protest with much more indifference than other protests and rallies. It is poison for a free society, but no one seems to care. “

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On the same day that Goodhart and Kausair were appointed to the EHRC on Dec. 1, the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights released a report stating that the EHRC had “failed to provide leadership and confidence in tackling racial equality.” The report called for the creation of a body similar to the Racist Equality Commission, which was disbanded and folded into the EHRC.

Goodhart said the so-called ‘hostile environment’ of the Windersh scandal did not work, it was a serious flaw. The real question is how do we match the status quo? He said he was committed to “a fair and transparent system.” The butcher declined to answer questions about his views but said he would work “to move forward on equality in the UK”.

A spokesman for the EHRC said: “We will look into the use of social media and the issues raised.” Henderson declined to comment.

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