Egypt: Compensation for Victims of Railway Accident

In Egypt, at least 32 people have died in a collision between two passenger trains near Sohag in the south of the country. According to the latest information, unknown persons activated the emergency brake in several cars, causing a collision between these two trains traveling on the same line.

Collision occurred between at least two cars overturned Margha and Tahta Station. The latest report stated 32 dead and 165 injured. Images taken by a surveillance camera and viewed by AFP Very violent confrontation In which a wagon is thrown into the air, into a huge cloud of dust.

Other images filmed near the scene of the accident and widely circulated by local media, the show Many cars overturned, Near a canal. Sent by medical reinforcement Cairo More than a hundred ambulances were mobilized to take the injured to hospitals.

“Based on the instructions given by the President, we have agreed to double the payment of compensation that would have been awarded for such accidents. God’s will, when all the state apparatus is assembled, we will pay a hundred.” Let’s talk about Egyptian pounds. Between 20,000 and 40,000 Egyptian pounds for cases of death and depending on the type of injury. “, The Egyptian Prime Minister said, Mustafa Maidouli, During a press conference after the accident.

Drama reaction, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi Promised that those responsible would be punished. “Whoever carried out this traumatic accident due to negligence or corruption or for any other reason, should get an approval approval without delay or without reason”., He wrote on his Twitter account. The prosecution announced the opening of an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the accident.

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Egypt Is regularly mourned by Serious road or rail accidentsDue to chaotic traffic, due to shabby vehicles or poorly maintained and poorly maintained roads and railways. Railway’s biggest tragedy Happened in the history of the country 2002, By a train fire, which was made more and more 360 death About forty kilometers south of Cairo.

in February 2019, A train rammed into a wall of the central Ramses station in Cairo, causing an explosion and a fire that killed about twenty people. The Iraq-Jordan-Egypt summit, which was to be held in Baghdad on Friday and Saturday, where the Egyptian president arrived due to visit, was canceled due to a train accident.

Bump into sohag on friday As Egypt faces another major transportation-related challenge: a 400-meter-long container ship has been stuck since Tuesday Suez Canal, Severely disrupted international sea freight.

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