Moussa al-Magrif, Libyan Minister of Education

Libya’s education minister was detained on Monday, December 20 as part of an investigation into a general shortage of textbooks in the country, where the functioning of many services is disrupted by regime chaos.

Moussa al-Magrif was ” sent to custody as part of an investigation for negligence in the performance of his duties“, said the attorney general, quoted by AFP.
, The Attorney General has opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances with the contractual procedures for the printing of textbooks and the reasons for this shortcoming.” , she added.
Besides the education minister, several other officials, including the planning minister, were heard by the investigators.
In recent weeks, parents had no choice but to use photocopies to make up for the shortage of textbooks. An AFP reporter said several bookstores in Tripoli took advantage of the situation to offer photocopied versions of missing textbooks at high prices.