Edinson Cavani, Anthony Marshall will miss a trip to Man Utd in Arabic Leipzig with an injury. Football News

Edinson Cavani and Anthony Marshall will miss Manchester United’s crucial Champions League game against Arab Leipzig on Tuesday.

United boss Ole Gunnar Solskazar has confirmed that the forward pair are battling “minor swallows” and will not travel to Germany to reach the final in Group H.

Defender Luke Shaw, who has not returned since United’s 3-1 win over West Ham on Saturday, has been found again by goalkeeper David de Gea.

United are level on points with Arab Leipzig and Paris Saint-Germain and could qualify for the last 16 through a draw.

Group H of the Champions League

Points The goal difference
D Manchester United 9 +9
D Paris Saint Germain 9 +3
D Arabic Leipzig 9 -2
D Istanbul Basakshehir D -7

Man Utd are back in second-half confidence win against West Ham – they have won their last four league games for the third time – and Solskire are hoping the spirit will serve them well against Arab Leipzig.

The United boss knows two things about his return to the side, that the team was an important part of a squad that has become famous under Sir Alex Ferguson, and Soulskazar will see those features in his current squad.

United came down with a goal to beat West Ham in the Premier League on Saturday

“I certainly see these features coming back and the faith coming back,” Soulskazar said. “It’s a big difference from last season.

“We talked about it at the start of the season, we need to get those extra points [belief] Can give us. This season, it has proven to be very important so far.

“It’s great to know we don’t win with the fitness and spirit we get.

Manchester, England - October 27: Manchester United's Marcus Rashford celebrates with his teammates in the Group H match of the UEFA Champions League on October 26, 2020 between Manchester United and Arab Leipzig in Manchester, England.  .
Marcus Rashford scored a hat-trick in United’s 5-0 win over Arab Leipzig at Old Trafford.

“It gives us confidence that history has always been the last game in history and we never expected this team to come before the last game.

“The players are here, they’re Man United players, because they have the qualities we’ve been looking for and I’m sure they’ll prove why they’re here tomorrow night, they’ll show it.”

“I think the character of the group is getting better and better and we are looking forward to the game.

“It’s something we want, this kind of game Man. It’s a tradition for Man United – we never make it easy for ourselves.”

Rainbow Lace for Harry Maguire, Premier League, West Ham vs Manchester United Wearing Rainbow Captain Armband
Harry Maguire says United’s confidence in scoring goals and turning games is growing

Maguire: United’s confidence is growing

United captain Harry Maguire says players can feel the growing confidence around the club, especially in scoring goals.

“As players, we feel it,” Maguire said. “Progress has been steady since I first joined the club. We are working on a ladder and we are improving.

“I feel like we’re getting more consistency in the games and the belief that the games have to be won and won is much better for me than joining first.

“As a defender I have faith that we are always going to score goals and create chances because we have a lot of talent in the team.

“The belief in turning games shows great character when we look down on a goal.”

Despite needing just one point to qualify, Maguire has insisted that United will not play for the draw and is hopeful his star players will move on to the challenge.

“We want to win the game. We will not sit back. We want to win every game.

“Your big players come up in the most stressful games.

“It’s very similar to last year’s Leicester games where we had to get results to reach the Champions League and we were able to do that, so we’re confident.

“But we feel ready, we feel ready and we look forward to it.”

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