EDF sees “risk” of early closure of two nuclear power plants in the United Kingdom

The Torness plant in Scotland and the Hashem 2 reactors in England could close before the scheduled date in 2030 due to potential cracks.

French energy group EDF acknowledges that “riskTwo nuclear power plants in the UK are closing earlier than expected due to safety concerns, further complicating the country’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

Risks of dent in reactors

The Tornes plant in Scotland and Hashem 2 in the North West of England are due to close in 2030 but “it might be early“Due to the potential for breaches in the reactors, EDF’s technical director said,” EDF technical director Richard Bradfield was quoted by the daily Times Monday.2030 (deadline) is at risk but nothing has changed so farA spokesman for the group for the United Kingdom said.

Richard Bradfield expects breaches to appear quickly in the country at two other older plants, Hesham 1 and Hartlepool, which are due to close in 2024. A week ago, the EDF announced that it would be shutting down its nuclear plant from Dungeness B to the south. England has been closed since 2018 due to technical issues.

Threatened carbon neutrality strategy

The United Kingdom is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and these difficulties will greatly complicate its energy transition. According to timesThe problems with the EDF’s nuclear fleet in the United Kingdom reflect these.The failing health of the nuclear fleet“British and”Ask a question about the UK’s ability to decarbonize its power supplyWhen pouring water into the mill of inhibitors of nuclear energy.

As far as the European Pressurized Nuclear Reactor Project (EPR), which was selected for the under-construction power plant in Hinkley, England, is accumulating delays and additional costs. Electricity generation of the first of the two reactors planned at the site is now expected to begin in June 2026 instead of the end of 2025, as was initially announced. The cost of the project has been increased: now between 22 and 23 billion pounds, against the earlier 21.5-22.5 billion pounds. There’s also always a “riskยป Delay of 15 and 9 months on two reactors, which will result in a new additional cost.

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