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The heads of state of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) called for elections in Mali in February 2022 at a simple summit meeting in Abuja last Sunday.

They also decided to impose additional sanctions in January without the commitment of the Malian authorities in this regard.

“The heads of state have decided to retain the date of February 27, 2022 for holding elections in Mali. They decided to implement additional sanctions in January 2022.” If Malian authorities do not honor their initial commitment to hold elections on a date that is supposed to bring citizens back to power, ECOWAS Commission President Jean-Claude Cassi Brau told reporters.

The sub-regional organization has also decided to maintain sanctions against the soldiers who took power in Guinea on 5 September and called for a timetable for the return of civilians to the head of the country.

Prior to the summit, the Malian Transitional President, Col Asimi Gosta, wrote to the current President of ECOWAS, the Head of State of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo.

“The Republic of Mali, through my voice, pledges to provide you with a detailed timetable after January 31, 2022, which can be discussed during an ECOWAS mission”He said in a letter.

Colonel Gosta has justified the postponement of the election in this letter. He called for the National Consultation (Assisses de la Refondation) opened on Saturday in municipalities and which should give rise to recommendations for reforms.

These will create the Assesses “Recommendations that make it possible to identify an electoral calendar” there are more “Indispensable for the return of peace and stability to our country”, Colonel Goeta indicated.

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“The return of constitutional order is and will be my top priority”, he assured. (with MAP)

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