Economy | In 2022, owners of CAC 40 will receive an average of 7.4 million euros

by La Provence (with AFP)

According to data compiled by fintech Scalence, the remuneration of CAC 40 executives will remain high in 2022 after a record year in 2021, where exceptional bonuses drove the total figure.

The presidents and general managers of CAC 40 companies should receive an average of €7.4 million in compensation this year, offers Scaleens (formerly Hebdo des AG), which conducted a study of more than 300 listed companies’ general meetings in ten European countries.

This figure includes variable compensation, but not extraordinary bonuses, which for the year 2022 will not be voted on until 2023.

This estimate is 8% lower than in 2021, when CAC 40 owners received a record amount of 8.7 million euros, but remains much higher and up 37% compared to 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic.

By extension, the fixed salary share is 1.27 million,”Up 7% after 20% growth last year, so it may raise some social questions“Executive compensation has become the first subject of contention for shareholders at general meetings in 2022, according to data compiled by Scalence,” Scalence co-founder Benedict Hautefort said during a conference call.

In France, plans to increase AXA’s general manager’s total compensation by about 20% were criticized during a turbulent AGM in April, and were approved by 77.7% of voters, a mark below the average.

Among convertible compensation, cash, ie bonuses paid in cash, should increase by 31%, while bonuses in shares or stock options are expected to decline by 28%. ,France is the only European country where this envelope is shrinking“Because, underlined Benedict Hautefort,”A series of regulatory measures that turn out to be disappointing“And motivate companies to prefer bonus over wages.

In contrast, this fixed portion paid in shares must be multiplied by eight in Germany, and even fourteen in the United Kingdom, according to Benedict Hautefort, two countries with more bonuses in shares than France. are fond of

As for the norms that allow owners to unlock these variable remunerations, they live in France for two-thirds of the financial nature, as in Europe. Climate and diversity struggle for a place in the objectives associated with the bosses bonus.

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