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The power cut, which took place at around 11:45 pm on Thursday, was resolved on Friday at 7.53 am. It was related to the numbers 112, 117, 118 and 144 and was linked to a problem on the Swisscom telephone network. The blackout prompted a reaction to the political world and to the Confederation.

Swisscom said in a press release Friday afternoon that an unexpected fault occurred following maintenance work on a platform in the data center. By isolating the affected component from the network, the fault was resolved. A detailed root cause analysis is still underway. The systems are under the supervision of experts.

The problem is related to landlines, commercial numbers and emergency numbers, but not mobile networks. During outages, emergency services can still be reached through the Alert Swiss website or, in some cases, through alternate numbers on the Twitter accounts of various cantonal police forces.

His condition returned to normal on Friday morning. He says he provided service during the outage. The Freiburg and Jura police specify in press releases that no serious or special incidents occurred during the night. As for NewChat police, they received 50 calls, which corresponds to the average of the night, she indicates, and all interventions went smoothly.

“Pressure” on Swisscom

There had already been a blackout in February 2020, which prompted a reaction from the political arena. Since then, the replacement system “seems to be working”, notes Olivier Française, adviser to the Telecommunications Commission of Member States (PLR/VD) in RTS Matinal on Friday.

Although he considers quacking “unacceptable”, he considers that “to do an architectural revision of a computer system, it takes time”. He emphasizes redundancy systems for safety, as is the case for trains or subways. “It’s very complicated,” he says. And to specify what, as an MP, he can take an in-depth look at Swisscom’s expenses, especially those associated with IT systems.

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“We will certainly put the greatest pressure imaginable on Swisscom”, declared the SRF for its part by Saint-Galois Freddy Fsler, president of the Conference of Directors and Directors of the Cantonal Departments of Justice and Police (CCDJP). Politicians must now “tell that this is wrong”.

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For its part, the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) described the breakdown as “unacceptable” and “very serious”. He accords top priority to the issue, although he acknowledged in a statement that disruption cannot be ruled out completely. Since telecommunications networks are “highly complex systems”, errors can occur. The office is in touch with Swisscom to ascertain the cause of the problem.

After a series of breakdowns last year, Swisscom implemented immediate measures: emergency calls were redirected directly to other mobile numbers, making the emergency call center accessible again. This system made it possible to reduce the consequences of that night’s disturbance.

The guarantee of availability of emergency call services applies equally to all providers of voice telephony services and is not part of the universal service. This is why Swisscom’s universal service concession is not questioned, Ofcom says.

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