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in London (UK), the Finance Minister The G7 countries on Saturday 5 June voted on a landmark agreement to introduce a minimum corporate income tax rate.

This is a historic settlement that looks like a revolution. Finance Minister The G7 countries met in London on Saturday 5 June to discuss global taxation. The latter deals with minimum taxation of profits of multinational companies. 15% To avoid fiscal dumping. With this deal and the lowest tax rate, we can ensure that countries and businesses, no matter where they operate, are on an equal footing.“, rejoice shi sunkiUK Finance Minister.

This vote new administration. was made possible by BidenWhereas Donald Trump torpedoed it three years ago. Another measure directly targets digital giants such as ultra-profitable multinationals. This is historic as the first time digital giants will actually be taxed, when they have largely avoided tax for years. In fact, you have a multinational that makes a profit in France, which it decides to relocate to a country where it pays only 1, 2 or 3% of the corporate tax. Well he has to pay the difference to France“, detailed Bruno Le Maire. The deal will be confirmed by Joe at the end of next week Biden and other G7 heads of state, then it would have to be adopted by G-20 The following July, in Italy.

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