Economy – 2021, a record year for the charm of France

The 2021 Report on International Investment, published this week, testifies to a record year for France’s attractiveness.

In this panorama, Tunisia establishes itself as the leading investor on the African continent in terms of the number of implementation projects (17 projects and 163 jobs created in three years). The importance of the projects in the field of technology reflects the dynamism of innovation in Tunisia and the formation of a mutually beneficial co-development dynamic between France and Tunisia.

In 2021, 1,607 foreign investment projects were identified in France, an increase of 32% compared to 2020. These projects enabled the creation or maintenance of 45,008 jobs, an increase of 30% compared to 2020. The level reached is historic; France has never been as attractive in 2021. Last year an average of 31 investment decisions were recorded each week in France.

These projects come from around sixty countries, but the year 2021 is marked by a significant strengthening in France’s attractiveness to European investors at the core of two of the three projects. Germany has become the leading investor country in France with nearly 300 projects, and is ahead of the United States (247 projects), which ranks first in terms of jobs (10,118 jobs against 8,063 for Germany). The United Kingdom completed the stage with 151 projects (4,202 jobs) identified.

Decisions on new locations are in the majority (51% of projects), indicating investor confidence in the business environment and economic prospects in France. The expansion, which marks the renewed confidence of foreign companies that have already invested in France, represent 44% of projects and about half of the jobs.

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The re-industrialization of France is a reality. In 2021, 460 foreign-origin industrial projects were identified in France, an increase of 49%, a record high. These projects have created or maintained more than 15,000 jobs in France.

The entire region benefits from international investment projects. France’s economic attractiveness is expressed both within larger regional cities, but also in more modestly sized agglomerations, as 43% of investments in 2021 will be located in clusters with less than 200,000 residents.

Tunisia among top 20 partner countries

In this 2021 report, Tunisia (15th place) is the first African country for the number of projects implemented in France (17 projects with 163 jobs created in three years); Morocco is the first country in Africa to rank 17th in terms of the number of jobs created (15 jobs created by projects 259).

Michael Bauza, Director of the North Africa Region, and Stéphane Lecoq, Director for Investment Activity of Africa Trade France, visiting Tunis this week, specify that the projects of Tunisian origin are mainly in the area of ​​technology; This reflects the dynamics of innovation in Tunisia and the genuine bilateral relationship of “co-development” like the start-up EV Technologies which established its international subsidiary in Lyon.

The three main regions where projects of Tunisian origin are located are the Sud Provence Alpes Cte d’Azur region (6 projects with 55 jobs created in three years), Paris-Ile de France region (4 projects with 40 jobs created) over three years) and the Auvergne Rhne Alps region (3 projects with 43 jobs created in three years).

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Business France Tunisia supported 65% of these projects with its specialized investment teams.

Mr. Lecoq underlined the excellence of the entrepreneurial fabric in Tunisia and the quality of the relationships they developed with their teams. In this regard, he warmly thanked Mrs. Zohra Sadok, who is joining Business France’s headquarters in Paris for a new mission, and introduced Mr. Walid Baltagi who would be her location to support the leaders of the Tunisian project. Will take

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It promotes the attractiveness and economic image of France, its companies and its regions. It manages and develops VIE (International Volunteering in Business). Business France has 1,500 employees located in France and in 56 countries. It depends on the network of partners.

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