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The lockdown has had a profound effect on our way too to stay fit.

The routine has reversed over the past year and each of us is forced to consider More creative and sometimes more sustainable ways to train.

A recent study by Women’s Health UK showed that 72% of the people registered in the gym will not return after revoking the anti-COVID preventive measures. Many users have actually replaced treadmills and benches in indoor structures with home workouts or with long walks and runs.

We also realized that eco-sustainable workouts, Apart from providing undeniable benefits and benefits related to time spent outside, it is also good for our pockets.

Rome ranked fifteenth among twenty European cities on top of green practices Which sees London, Copenhagen and Amsterdam at the top of the rankings with almost unbeatable eco-friendly standards.

The UK capital offers over 6,000 running trails and over 200 hiking trails. The British are also very strong in searching the web for terms related to low environmental impact training, averaging over 5000 clicks per month.

Silver medal goes to Copenhagen In addition to having pollution and crime rates well below the European average, with a percentage of bicycle use around 40%.

Amsterdam takes third place With 1500 running routes and 45% percent of the use of two wheels.

Rome has a pedaling percentage of 1.83% while there are 269 jogging paths. The number of hours of sunshine available is much higher, 2463, but unfortunately the crime percentage (53.7%) and the pollution index, over 66%, are equally high.

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Naples, on the other hand, is the least eco-sustainable city for gymnastics routes. In fact, the city not only has a high crime rate, over 58%, but also has fewer tracks than other Italian cities.

It is important to walk together towards a green future Also consider the total emissions derived from the production of gym equipment. It would be better to opt for essential and durable items like polyethylene dumbbells but, even better, DIY tools like chairs, stools and water bottles.

maximum, then, would contain logging, Swedish origin training which includes Run, collect the garbage you find on the way. In short, a mix of sports, civic sense and respect for the environment.

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