Ebene Magazine – Mac Mini M1: New 10 Gigabit Ethernet Option for 115 €


Apple has added just one option for the Mac Mini M1. We can now replace the Gigabit Ethernet port with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port by spending an additional 115 €.

This fast RJ45 port was obsolete at the end of last year, but could not be ordered until then. Other options for the Mac Mini M1 (up to 16 GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage) have not changed. The Intel Mac Mini in the catalog still already had an optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection.

Not so much for me This is version 1 of this new iMac. Let’s wait and see the next day.

@ifranz iMac has no option because I think it is gigabit by default (except for the optional 7-core GPU for gigabit).

Unlike the iMac M1, the McMini has a serial Ethernet connection that is connected to the motherboard.

You can indulge in divination based on coffee if you want to play every possible character you can imagine.

Do you know if you need sfp for 10gb or is it rj45?

“Do you know if you need sfp for 10gb or is it rj45?” “

On the other hand, I’m curious as to why the option wasn’t introduced at launch, but we’ll probably never know.

It is specifically intended for “professional” use.
– Server (files, distributed compilation, etc.)
– Cluster (replication, synchronization, etc.)
– Remote operation (shared storage, monitoring, aggregation …)

At PS work we even do an aggregation of 10 Gbit links for replication of Proxmox VE nodes … replication of those virtualized containers in addition to customer access to host services, that’s a lot!
Then, the rest should follow … but SSD RAID1 allows 0 and 200 GB of RAM to limit overload per node!

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Even in a professional environment, leaving 10 GB of niche applications on a client workstation is extremely rare. In a domestic environment, you can imagine that …

Especially since wired networks have become extremely modest in this home environment, where WLAN is king.

For example, if it is a local NAS (or other computer) with a 10 Gbps connection.
My Synology DS1621 is transferring at 850-900MB / s.

Fast transfer it is convenient. Less than 40 GB, but more than 1 GB.

Without compromising commercial use, as the Mac Mini appeals to the general public, there is the Freebox Delta, which reaches up to 8 Gbit / s in optical fiber, for example.

Ah, I was scared: I thought there was a new Mac Mini for 115 Euros

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