EasyJet cabin baggage allowance is half

Britain’s largest budget airline is halving its cabin baggage allowance for cheap freight passengers. From February 10, 2021, most easy passengers will be confined to a small seat that fits under the front seat.

The airline said: “This will enable them to bring enough of everything they need for their trip or on a short trip.”

The move comes after reducing Rainier’s hand luggage, but tougher – because there is no alternative for the average passenger to pay extra to bring a large bag into the cabin.

In the case of EasyJet flights, passengers who currently pay extra for “advance” or extra legroom seats will be able to bring a larger bag in addition to the smaller ones.

For everyone else, the new easygit limit for cabin luggage is 45x36x20 cm, the size of the 32.4 liter – half of the current limit of the limit limit is 633 liters, the bag measures 56x45x25 cm.

The rule applies to all new bookings. On a one-way flight from Manchester to Faro on 1 April, the standard fare is £ 62. The minimum additional charge allowed for two cabin bags is 21 21 – an increase in costs by one-third.

The airline described the move as a passenger convenience: “The limited overhead locker space on the aircraft means customers can’t always be sure they will have their cabin bags with them.

Each easy flight has between 42 and 63 front and extra legroom seats. All the seats that allow extra bags to be brought are in the front of the aircraft and it is not clear how the overhead locker space will be allocated.

From February 10, passengers with existing bookings for journeys will be given the opportunity to check the existing hand-luggage levels in the free bag for free.

The range of the Rainier is 40x25x20 cm, the volume of which is 20 liters. It provides “priority plus two cabin bags” at extra cost.

Rob Burgess, editor of Head for Points, the UK’s largest frequent flyer website, said: “It’s disappointing to see EasyGit following Rainier and Wise Air for allegedly using overhead bins.

“Most of their core business passengers will find that their laptop bags do not meet the guidelines to fit under their seats.

“Passenger demand is not predicted to return to the 2019 level by at least 2023. It seems foolish to drive customers this way. British Airways will be happy to see some open water between their biggest UK competitors for their policies and short positions. Business passengers.”

The BA allows two cabin baggage, each weighing up to 23 kg.

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