Eastenders fans get drunk as Phil Mitchell and Dennis Fox’s son Raymond returns

Eastenders fans get drunk as Phil Mitchell and Dennis Fox's son Raymond returns

Fans of EastEnders fell to the floor this evening as Dennis Fox discovered that his son Raymond, who was adopted, was in intensive care after a horrific car accident.

Phil and Dennis were getting drunk four years ago when they were both struggling with alcohol dependence.

Dennis gave birth to their son in 2017 but decided that the best thing for him should be to adopt a family that could give him the best life gift.

Heartbreakingly, tonight Dennis discovers that his son’s adoptive family was involved in a hit-run after his mother and 13-year-old sister died.

He heard Pen Highway talking about the accident with Hani on the road.

“A family of four, yes,” he explained after his question about a family involved in a car accident. “The 13-year-old girl is dead, the mother is dead, the father and son are touching and go to the Walford General.”

Madhu asked: “What happened?”

“Hit and run,” the pen replied. “It was a visa and having a cross in the mirror in the back view of them didn’t help them, did it?”

Dennis was frustrated when he heard who might be.

“The little boy must have been about three years old, still clinging to his little cuddly lion, must be his favorite,” Pen said. “They had bikes in the car – of course on vacation or something. Imagine – the whole family was barely gone.”

Madhu replied: “Only you realize how lucky you are to go to the homes of those you love?”

Looking at the face of annoyance, Dennis rushed to Raymond’s family to send a letter to his house, which confirmed that they were going on vacation.

Towards the end of the episode, Dennis goes to see Raymond in the hospital and is torn to pieces by the mother-in-law, Eli Nixon, who plays the role of Mika Paris, cut to pieces. Piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece.

Unable to hide the fact that he was upset, Dennis went ahead with the idea that he was a friend of Raymond’s adopted mother – he did not reveal that she was his biological mam.

Can Raymond stay at Walford? And how would Eli react if he found out who Dennis really was with Raymond?

* EastEnders airs Mondays at 8.05pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3.35pm and Fridays at 8.30pm on BBC One

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