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In this Mother’s Day season, one might think that a gift, like a robot vacuum cleaner, could be thrown away. And yet, it will be a big thorn on behalf of the mother, who cleans the house for the whole family. In addition, Boulanger is currently offering it with a good discount of € 300. Note that the model presented here, the Rumba i7558, is supplied with its charging and dust collection station.

Purchase Link: Irobot Roomba i7558 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

technical characteristics :

Product: Robot vacuum
Floor Type: All types of flooring
Function: To aspire
Range: Rhumba I7
colour’s: Noir
Duties and autonomy
Battery Type : Lithium ion
Automatic return to charging base: Yes
Charge Time (in minutes): 90
Dust container capacity (in L): 0.40
Rotating brush: 2 anti-tangling multi-surface rubber brush
Side Brush: 1 + 1 additional
Charging Base: Base with automatic drain system
Virtual wall: 1 Wall: Creates an invisible barrier that the robot will never pass.
Add additional wall: Yes
remote controlled: Non
Filter: 1 high capacity filter 4% (10 micron)
Handle: Yes
Number of filters supplied: 1 high performance filter and 2 extras
Number of brushes: 2
Rollers: Yes
Navigation method
random walk: Non
Floor Management: Map and record multiple surfaces or floors to determine the best way to clean. Also allows naming and delimitation of some rooms
Course accuracy
Selection of parts to be cleaned: Yes
Parts mapping: Yes
Handicap Management: Yes
Vacuum Management / Stairs: Yes
Threshold Height: 0.2
Sensor / Waves: Yes
Camera: Yes
Laser: Non
remote controlled: Non
To be controlled with an application: Yes
Programmable: Yes
Number of programs: 3
Compatible Devices: IOS and Android devices
Compatible System: iOs and Android
Application compatible: iRobot Home
Google Assistant: Yes
Alexa: Yes
sir I : Non
Information and Services
built into : China
Warranty period (for parts and new product sold by Belanger): 2 years
Spare parts availability (supplier data): For 2 years, from the date of purchase
Dimensions 34.2 x 48.5 x 38.5 cm
Net weight : 7,4 kg
Gross Weight (kg): Is 7.380

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