Dying Light 2 Stay Human: New parkour challenges introduced in video

After launch in early February Dying Light 2 Stay Human, techland released a whole bunch of patches improving its open-world gameplay with infected, with update 1.2 released last week on PC, then on consoles. As part of the post-launch content, we were promised new challenges for March, in addition to the pack right And ronin, They land this week and deserve their trailer on this occasion.

due to which, Starting this Thursday March 17th, you can participate in four additional challenges In villedor,

  • suspension of disbelief : This challenge will test your skills as a Wall Runner in the heart of the Central Loop!
  • grakaur : This challenge in Old Villador will test all your basic skills, make no mistake or say goodbye to the gold medal!
  • walk on the river : Ready to get wet?
  • my whole world is a glider : Fly the pilgrim… Fly high above the chemicals and try not to fall, at least not too hard!

And from tomorrow, this is the challenge flying scorpion which is accessible in the neighborhood army in the citadel, fans of parkerWhether on the roofs, in the air and even under water, will be able to have a great time trying to beat the time and win the gold medal!

In addition, the studio will offer A new broadcast to highlight the game’s post-launch activitiesin the reproduction of fish eyeAlso with a focus on developers who will compete on various challenges.

you can get Dying Light 2 Stay Human As far as fnac From €48.99.

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