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The Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom aims to program arts and culture from the Netherlands to more cultural organizations in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. At the same time, it aims to reduce the environmental footprint of international travel associated with such cultural collaborations. The Embassy will therefore change its criteria for funding cultural projects from September 1, 2021. Cultural organizations in the UK may request further financial support from the Dutch Embassy to cover travel costs for artists from the Netherlands. However, if you can travel within 8 hours by train then the money cannot be used for airline tickets.

The Channel Tunnel operates express train services between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and London.

Short-haul aircraft to reduce CO2 emissions

Most parts of London and the south east of the UK can be reached within eight hours by train from any part of the Netherlands. From cities in the west of the Netherlands – such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague – you can fly to Cardiff, Liverpool or Leeds in less than eight hours.

The Embassy encourages arts organizations in the United Kingdom to collaborate with cultural and creative experts from the Netherlands and to apply for financial contributions from the Embassy if such collaborations are not economically viable. The only new addition to the financial criterion (as of September 1, 2021): Choose a low-carbon option to fly if that alternate total travel time is less than 8 hours.

For business trips, an 8-hour schedule applies as per Dutch government policy. The policy, introduced in 2020, applies to all civil servants working for the national government, including Dutch embassies around the world.

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Cultural organizations in the UK wish to provide a site for artists from the Netherlands where visitors to the UK can access Dutch culture and apply for financial aid at the Dutch Embassy in London.

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