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Raul Hertje on behalf of the Netherlands Theater Festival talks with ‘theatre haters’ about ‘why they don’t go’ and gives useful insights from it. I’m no longer a ‘theater hater’, even worse, I was on the same festival jury years ago. Still I gave up.

The reason is simple. As the years passed, my hearing worsened. At the same time, I noticed that the actors began to speak more and more ambiguously. So much so that in line five of Stadtschauberg or Tonelschuhr I couldn’t tell whether ‘I love you’ or ‘I hate you’ was being said. Now not every actor needs to pronounce Co van Dijk, Hans Kersting or Halina Reijn, but I regularly wondered where the new generation received its training. With the induction loops in the theatre, I think all the voices sound the same. My hearing aids gave little return. So my theater tour is over. And I know from a significant visitor category, peers, that unfortunately they have the same experience.

I also read that the respondents to the film knew ‘what to expect’. Now I usually know that with the Dutch film: Incomprehensible. For example, I recently saw De Luisenmoeder. I walked for 20 minutes. It is wrong to say that I hardly need subtitles for English and American movies and I will only go back to Dutch movies when they have subtitles.

Henk Jan Goertzakiharlem

political culture

Instead of blaming Rutte for these activities, Sigrid Kag would have done better to arrange the evacuation from Afghanistan and rustle up in good time. (HJ Shu lectures). As foreign minister, Kag acted too late and thus failed the test of decisive moral leader.

Moreover, it is arrogant and unwise to personally attack the prime minister’s craftsmanship during this already difficult formation. Electoral rhetoric does not help pull the formation out of recession. If this is the new political culture, give me the old culture.

bob van den bose, former member of the House of Representatives for D66, The Hague


For six months, media of all kinds write and talk about the indecision of the Decommissionary Cabinet and the duration of his reign. Everything lined up.

Media commentary was also not good. Now an acting minister is doing this, and Leiden is in charge. Look at the beam in your own eye, not the other’s eye.

Hey, hey, finally clarity from a member of the government.

Marijke van der Wolde, valkenswaard

christmas items

Read with awe about ordering Christmas items from Dill & Camille. 2.412 pieces of wooden plates with holes where you can place candles or wooden mushrooms. These were to be made in Shanghai in April, then shipped in rare sea containers around the world to be at the customer’s table in December. What nonsense is this? how durable? Here a small sheltered workshop makes it in just a few days.

Jan Middlekamp, amsterdam


The Arc de Triomphe is filled with 25 thousand square meters of polypropylene. Packing big buildings was a great idea, but the fun should wear off after a while. With some good will, the idea and the first implementation will still be seen as art, but now unnecessary use of raw materials is the best trick.

Albert Willem Nopi, Horn


are readers of this de volkskrant Did you know that columnists Harriet Duurvoort and Sandor Schmelpenink are fighting each other on Twitter? Readers who ignore social media and weblog ginstigel will miss it. Still, it’s good to know if the column of one of them reappears.

A week ago NPO showed Dutch movie kuthoer. It’s About a Columnist de volkskrant Who no longer talks nonsense about her person on social media. Slightly subtle and lacking any crust, but as a columnist this production has been sold to countries such as France, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. This is what you are good at.

“This movie is outraged by the way we treat each other,” it was called. I can hope that we will be spared the columnists arguing in the newspaper.

armand liners, heerlen

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