Duplantis stops at 6.02m at the pole vault in Doha

Sweden’s Armand Duplantis, world record holder in pole vault with 6.20m in March, jumped 6.02m to win the first meeting of the Diamond League in Doha (Qatar) on Saturday.

Initially scheduled for Friday evening at the Qatar Sports Club Stadium, the event was postponed due to wind and was eventually held indoors at the Aspire Dome.

Duplantis made his first jumps of 5.61m, 5.81m and 6.02m, but before failing three times in 6.12m.

“It was a crazy day, but I’m glad we were able to jump in instead of out,” remarked the Swede, given the conditions yesterday. My feet could have been lighter on the track but, from the outside, I felt like It’s a good competition like I did.”

Will the postponement affect their performance? “Generally, I feel in my best shape ever, so maybe it has something to do with it,” he replies.

The 22-year-old defeated American Casey Lightfoot, Belgian Ben Broeders and US Olympic vice-champion Chistophar Nilsson (5.71m).

French brothers Valentin and Renaud Lavillenie finished 5th and 6th with 5.71m and 5.61m respectively.

“A first indoor summer competition is unusual, fun at first. We saved the furniture by jumping in because yesterday it was impossible. You have to be realistic.”

“On the other hand, I think we all beat yesterday because we did a real warm-up anyway. Mentally, it was relatively tough because, the smaller we jumped, we were at 200% to get there ,” They said. “So a little tired today but I’ve done three shows in my life in Doha and I’ve done three (5m) in the 70s so I’ll be back!”

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For Renaud Lavillenie, it’s “not as good as expected”. “I’m quite disappointed because I was hoping to do at least (5m) 70, but I quickly felt uncomfortable, not propelled by the bumper and all, and I had legs that were really like that. were not responding like they should,” he explains.

Between “we have energy expenditure tomorrow”, the premiere of the summer season which is “always a little special” and “this room that (her) never succeeded” before putting into perspective.

Olympic champion (2021), indoor world champion (2022) and outdoor European champion (2018) as well as indoors (2021), Duplantis will try to win gold at the Outdoor Worlds, in Eugene, United States, this summer (July 15-24), only one is missing from his list.

The next meeting of the Diamond League is to be held in Birmingham (UK) on 21 May.

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