Duo replaces Matt LeBlanc in ‘Top Gear’ TV

TVPaddy McGuinness and Andrew Flintoff will be the new presenters of Top Gear. Both are following in the footsteps of Matt LeBlanc, who will leave the BBC’s motoring program after four seasons.

The BBC announced on Monday that McGuinness and Flintoff will head to ‘Top Gear’ for the first time early next year. Comedian McGuinness considers it a great honor. “Being able to present a show I’ve enjoyed as a little boy is more than exciting.”

Former cricketer Flintoff is also happy. “Not often you get the chance to land two dream jobs, but I can say I managed it.” Cars have always been an athlete’s passion. “And I’m thrilled to be joining the ‘Top Gear’ team.”

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McGuinness and Flintoff join former driver Chris Harris, who has hosted the show since 2016. Rory Reid, who has been one of the presenters since 2016, takes a step back. He remains a member of the “Top Gear” family, but is no longer a regular presenter. Rory will continue to be the face of the online series Extra Gear.

‘Top Gear’ was presented for many years by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Clarkson was fired by the BBC in March 2015 for punching a producer. Hammond and May indicated that ‘Top Gear’ did not want to present it without presenting it and resigned. The trio has since been making a car show for Amazon Prime, “The Grand Tour.”

Chris Evans replaced Clarkson on Top Gear, but it proved unsuccessful. As a result of disappointing viewing figures, he immediately stepped down in the summer of 2016. The car show, which aired around the world, has since been presented alternately by LeBlanc, Harris and Reed. To credit his fame for Friends, LeBlanc announced in May that he would be stopping with “Top Gear.” They will be last seen early next year, with McGuinness and Flintoff making their debuts at the end of next year.

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Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris are the new faces of ‘Top Gear’. © Photo News

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