Dunk’s YouTube joke about rubbish game videos is a must see

If you ask someone who creates quality video game content on YouTube, a few names are likely to pop up: Nekei Jackie, Arent Signal, Mega 64 and of course my personal favorite monotonous comedian Donkey. And yet, when compared to YouTube’s larger gaming channels, such as MarkPlayer or DanteDM, these favorite channels are even smaller., In both listener and output cases.

What I’m not trying to convey here is something that Donkey recently brought to the fore in a conversation with a provocative upload titled, “I’m making good videos”. In the video, YouTuber pulls back the content-making screen on its channel, and after much of it was published as tongue-in-cheek, there’s every truth to what he said. This is the most obvious and eye-opening thing any YouTuber has created in 2020.

“I tour the current YouTube landscape and for videos of my kind I don’t really see the future,” Donkey began. “As an artist, trying to be the best is good for your soul, but it’s not really good for your bank account. Uncle Dunkie is getting old now, and how am I going to start making money from my mental health, my family and my channel? I kept all my feet on the ground for years and still I can’t hold on.

He goes on to say that, despite his efforts, he struggles to make even four videos per month, especially compared to the daily uploaded channels. Some big channels do more than that.

The difference, of course, is that larger channels often help entire teams to change from YouTube optimization, to specific aspects of content creation. Carefully crafted videos can make YouTube attractive in the early days, but if you want to make money right now, crushing and squeezing becomes inevitable. Even with a team cheering you on, almost everyone finishes the game Minecraft At one stage or another, even if they swear, they will never do it. That’s all you need to do to survive.

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It’s interesting to note here that in the same video, Donkey says that in order to make more money, he is going to start outsourcing some of the tedious work of making videos and will also adopt new formats that are proven to work on the platform. This comes as a joke – none of the companies he lists for hire help exist. And “drama” coverage and, like the content he described Minecraft Videos, not Dunkie’s standard fare. At the time, it seemed like he was just making a point about what kind of video the platform likes to promote and what makes YouTube’s “trending” page popular.

But then Donkey actually went ahead and uploaded exactly what he said, when you clicked on his suggested schedule, you would see that these were also quick. Technically, for example, he made a response video with a face cam and everything, but the footage is extremely brief and ends after a poster randomly falls to the ground. The Minecraft Video with a clickbite title “Uber driver sucked me ?? “ Mem, Actually about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And Between us The video features a ridiculous 1v1 content where players ask each other if they are impostors, the rounds end as soon as they start. They’re not great videos every sep.

And you know what the wild thing is? Quality does not matter. All of these videos performed Good Donkey hits the “trending” page on YouTube more than they normally upload. Despite being a joke, and arguably the least common denominator.

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In an email, Dunkie’s wife, Leah (jokingly) told Polygon that the content creator was too busy answering questions for her new schedule, so she could summarize her feelings about the stunt:

All in all he is frustrated about the current YouTube landscape and worried about the future. We are doing well now, at a time when it seems like this could change rapidly due to the way mega channels are taking up more time, including daily uploads. The sad feeling was met when he and other channels put a lot of thought and effort into their videos to spread the latest trends and short-lived content, resulting in his new upload schedule.

The comments below from Danak’s latest videos do a great job of summarizing how the whole scheme is confusing.

One commenter says, “It’s really ridiculously sad that his old videos usually generate 1ml views a week, while these new troll episodes tend to be trending every time with very little effort.”

“I love that he’s making fun of the broken system and making a ton of money,” another commented.

It looks like the comedian will return to his regular schedule at some point. Although nothing has been transported so far, it’s no surprise that the hottest game in the world right now, Between usThe more niche play, the better the performance will be Spelunki 2 – Dunkie’s weakness about YouTube as a platform and its place in it is significant and audible worth

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