Dungeons & Dragons photos reveal swords and a castle

The shooting of Dungeons & Dragons has finally begun. This also means that we get the first pictures from the sets.

Photos from the set at UK’s Alnwick Castle have been leaked today. Fun fact: Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones 5 are built not far away, so the entire area is perfect for those who like to take shots from movie sets.

set pictures of Dungeons & Dragons
many pictures of shooting Dungeons & Dragons. They certainly don’t give much away. For example, we don’t see a main character, but a tattooed and armed bald man who looks quite menacing and medieval.

We also see that the palace where the recording takes place is somewhat dilapidated. A question from a fan’s Twitter account is whether it is related to the symbols of Ammonator. Who knows…

In Dungeons & Dragons A group of bandits manage to escape from the prison. They go on a quest to exact revenge on the man who betrayed them during a dangerous mission.

The film will hit the theaters in 2023.

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