Due to illegal streusel: Baker had to close part of its biscuit range

There is a wave of outrage and ironic comments on the internet right now. Using the hashtag #SprinkleGate, users comment on the case of a British bakery that was banned from using a certain type of sprinkle on their pastries. Now the owner had to temporarily discontinue his bestseller Donut Biscuit, as reported by the British news broadcaster “BBC”.

The ingredient is said to be carcinogenic

In a post on Facebook, the bakery “Get Baked” informed its customers about an unusual incident. British officials told the owner that his much-anticipated crumbles did not meet local business standards. Those decorations imported from the United States contain the substance “erythrocin”, which in Great Britain and the European Union can only be used in cocktail cherries and candied cherries. The substance is suspected of causing hyperactivity in children and thyroid tumors.

3 metal cookie jars (display)

Streusel Gate is a challenge for the bakery: owner announces Streusel strike

During this, the bakery was asked to remove its colorful decorations. The owner described those restrictions as “laughable” and said in a Facebook post: “I know it sounds like a small thing, but the truth is it affects my business a lot. We have used sprinklers in many ways.” It is a real problem for a small bakery that they are unable to sell their best-selling biscuits at the moment.

However, the pastry shop owner also has clear principles. “Streusel is my passion”, apparently he doesn’t halve things. “It’s very unlikely we’ll find sprinkles that can serve as a substitute. British sprinkles are not the same,” explains the bakery’s owner on Facebook. They are evil and he will hate them. If his imported streusel is banned from the United States, he goes on a streusel strike: “If I’m not allowed to use them, I don’t use any.”

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British Baking Show people support bakery owners

As much as the bakery is publicly outraged over the matter – the incident made the small pastry shop famous. As the owner recently wrote on Facebook, she is currently busy answering all press inquiries – which certainly bodes well for her business. Still, he had to neglect his actual work a bit.

Two participants in the British series “Bake Off” also raised the issue of Get Baked in the media. He expressed understanding of the bakery owner’s annoyance and urged British streusel makers to put more effort into creating colorful decorations. Meanwhile, users on Facebook continue to joke about the British bakery case and even use another hashtag: #FreeTheSprinkles.

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