DuckDuckGo now stops Android apps from spying on you

DuckDuckGo’s web browser will prevent overly curious Android apps from spying on you. The search engine actually offers an ad tracker blocker similar to Apple’s on iOS.

Google’s alternative search engine, DuckDuckGo, just launched the . has announced a feature called “Security from Tracking Android Apps” In a blog post. Integrated For DuckDuckGo web browser, This option will block all trackers in the Android apps installed on your phone.

As a reminder, the search engine launched A more privacy-friendly web browser than Chrome few months ago. This alternative browser is available on Google Play Store and App Store. Among its current features is the “Fire” button, which wipes all your data with a single click.

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DuckDuckGo tackles ad trackers like iOS

According to DuckDuckGo, Over 96% of free Android apps hide trackers capable of doing “Follow everything you do” in-line. This information is then transmitted to firms such as Facebook and Google. With this data, they can refine their ad targeting.

To prevent these Android apps from getting information about your account, DuckDuckGo’s web browser will Block Trackers It Recognizes In Other Applications, Simply put, it will detect when Android apps are going to send data to tracking companies. This tool will run in the background without your knowledge.

To find out if trackers are blocked on your device, simply go to the DuckDuckGo app. will show an interface in real time Number of apps that were bypassed. This feature is currently available in beta. To register, go to and open the DuckDuckGo app Settings > Application Tracking Protection (in the privacy section).

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The new DuckDuckGo feature works in a similar way to iOS security measures. With the 14.5 update of its OS, Apple introduced a tool to prevent data aspiration for advertising purposes. All iOS applications wishing to collect data from Internet users must display a message offering a choice between two options: “Accept usage tracking” where “Ask the app not to track usage”. In case of refusal, the app is deprived of data.

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