Drivers will no longer kneel on the ground before the start of the 2022 Grand Prix

F1 recently announced that it would not give drivers a moment to point in favor of an important cause before the start of the Grand Prix.

Following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in the United States, this moment given to pilots was introduced at the start of the 2020 season, and most of them accomplished it with a knee placed on the ground, symbolizing the fight. Was. Casteism.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says discipline will pass “From gesture to action” With the aim of making it more diverse and inclusive, including establishing a range of scholarships and apprenticeships for underrepresented groups, which have enabled ten students to start engineering studies in the UK and Italy.

“This gesture (putting the foot on the ground, editor’s note) was important to those who thought it was an important gesture, because we should all respect it”The former director of Scuderia Ferrari explained to the British channel Sky Sports. “But now he is taking action. And action is putting more effort into making our community more diverse, and that is the first step.”

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel told himself ” Surprised “ By this ad: “I think the problems we are fighting will not be solved in the next two years. And so I was a little surprised. » He told “I hope we find a way to come together as pilots and continue to uncover topics close to our hearts. Not all riders may be worried about it, but I think some are as well.” who feel really anxious. And would love to be together. »“But maybe business-wise (these gestures) were too strong and too personal. ,

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F1 officials say they have briefed Lewis Hamilton on the matter, the seven-time world champion having heard much about the lack of diversity in motorsport. Mercedes driver said Domenicali’s comments were “Argument” And he hoped that there would be positive changes in the future: “It’s a traction thing now, so it’s something I look forward to seeing in the long term”The Briton said this Thursday at the Barcelona circuit. “I had a great call with all the teams about being a part of this charter school, so that all the teams can try to increase the diversity in our sport. »“I think it’s no longer just a question of words and gestures but of really concrete actions. I wonder if we really need to at this moment (before GP, editor’s note). We really need to do any Time should be able to do that. But I think we can do something more powerful than this slogan (“End racism”, editor’s note) with everything rolled into one. But I just don’t know What.”,

It is not excluded that Hamilton will be allowed to kneel on the ground one more time during the pre-Grand Prix ceremony – perhaps near his car.

F1 reported that long before the recent decision was announced, all teams had been informed of their intention not to give drivers this moment any longer before the race.

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