Drive to Survive Season 3 lacks some action, but has a lot of unique scenes

Drive to Survive season 3 was released on Friday and the Netflix crew has been able to provide unique images once again. In the third season all the teams collaborated and got screen time. Netflix has again turned it into a strong series, but the tension seems to be lacking here and there.

Make up to highlight

The season begins at the beginning of the season, the winter test. Of course, it was immediately clear that Racing Point had many similarities with the Mercedes of the year before. The car’s manufacturing process is not shown in Drive to Survive, but the viewer is taken to the factory.

It has to be said that sometimes there is a long buildup for the next exciting moment. The second episode can take about ten minutes to see the actual action on the track, which can sometimes distract the attention of the audience. Sometimes images of the wrong moments are also used. While qualifying in Austria, it is clearly visible that images of staggering Red Bull racing mechanics are used when Max Verstappen retires. It can be seen on TV in the pit box. Such small mistakes take authenticity out of the series.

A little friendship shown in the picture

The Netflix team knows how to use previously undiscovered images. For example, Christian Horner and Toto Wolff are closely followed during various protests about yellow flags and DAS. Despite being the biggest competitor on the track, the two enjoy spending time together. An unexpected friendship is clearly demonstrated.

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Additional Text, Sequences and Important Topics

Netflix is ​​not far behind in allowing commentators to record a few extra sentences or re-record some phrases. In this way, some moments blossom too much. In theory this is not new, as it also happened during the first two seasons. Netflix is ​​using these additional one-liners a little less this year.

If you are familiar with the Formula 1 season, you will immediately notice that the series does not follow the order of the calendar. But Netflix knows how to work around it well, so it’s not striking for viewers who are less familiar with the calendar. Events from a few years ago have also been regularly mentioned, such as Russia 2018. In that race, Valtteri Bottas had to give teammate Lewis Hamilton the victory of the race.

Most of the key moments of the Formula 1 season are included. Pierre Galli’s bizarre victory, Alexander Albon’s woes, Ferrari’s dramatic season and of course the massive crash of Romain Grosgen. Netflix managed to cover almost everything in ten episodes of this season.

Miss a big

One topic that Netflix almost does not cover is the # WeRaceAsOne campaign. Hardly a word is said about it. Only at the end of the series, in the tenth episode, does Hamilton get a few minutes of screen time to say something about it. Since this campaign was widely covered in Formula 1, it is notable that it is barely visible in the series.

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Drive to Survive Season 3 has less excitement than previous seasons. More behind the scenes, but less action on the track. This season is slightly less immersive than 1 or 2, but is well worth watching.

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