Dragon Quest X offline, an offline version of the MMORPG

That night a livestream dedicated to the franchise’s 35th anniversary took place. Dragon Quest. We logically expected the announcements and were exactly the same: Square Enix presented us with at least 6 new projects in the company Yoji Hori. With the third part remake and the 12th episode confirmed, we had the announcement Dragon quest x offline, An offline version of the MMO.

An MMORPG without MMO

After introducing new features for the MMORPG, still only available on the Japanese archipelago, Yoji Hori and his teams announced Dragon Quest X Offline. Square Enix defines it as a standalone version of the game where it is not necessary to have an internet connection to play the title (nor to own the original MMO), ideal for those who are a little cautious about the idea. . To play online.

Although based on the same universe, Dragon quest x offline A visual style completely different from its predecessor, with the pixel-art side imagined to be attractive and play on apathy according to the developers. Other subtleties will also be present but were not revealed during tonight’s presentation. The Japanese publisher gives us an appointment later for more information about the game.

for the moment, Dragon quest x offline Expected with exit window set for 2022 only in Japan. Unlike the novelty of the MMO version of Dragon Quest X, the studio has not ruled out a Western release, but we will have some reservations about the upcoming potential, although it will create little hope among fans who want to explore this universe Huh.

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