Draghi: “The Campania Case? For Government, Open Schooling Is Priority. Dad Increases North-South Inequality”

“It is an absolute priority of the government that schools remain open in attendance. Distance learning is used in the event of dramatic emergencies, and it is enough to see, to be reassuring, the effect of fathers on inequalities among schoolchildren, among those who spent the most time in the distance between the north and south of the country and who were in attendance”. so prime mario dragio Responds at a press conference from Palazzo Chigi about the dissatisfaction of some governors and questions about the Campania case, the territory of which the tar judges have dismissed, only in the last few hours, the governor’s order Vincenzo De Luca, and rejected his line on the subject.

TAR suspends De Luca’s ordinance on schools: Appeal accepted, includes government

by Antonio Di Costanzo

In particular, a reporter citing De Luca’s sentence asks the premier what his prediction is – taken in his interview. Republic – On the government that would “use the boys as guinea pigs” and also on Emiliano’s dissent. Draghi does not comment on Di Luca’s words, but says of Emiliano: “However, I understand that Emiliano says: I always agree with Draghi, even if I am not convinced.”

Covid and back to school, De Luca says: “Only the government doesn’t see an emergency, the kids are used as guinea pigs”

Conchita Sannino. By

Then he adds: “Disparities” that are measured and caused by children’s greater exposure to distance learning, “are bound to persist among young people. They are destined to weigh on their future fate”. . And then, argues Premier, “there are also practical considerations to keep in mind: boys are told to stay home, not to go to school. But then they go to a pizzeria, or play games all day.” And so it doesn’t make sense to close the school if we don’t close everything. But, as I said in the introduction, there is no reason to adopt this total and generalized shutdown because of the progress of the number of vaccinations. Not there “. And if in the next few days, compared to the declared peaks in infections, should it essentially stop? Draghi reiterates: “In distance education, in connection with the emergence of specific conditions, there will probably be an increase in classes”, “in distance education. But I repeat that we should avoid the generalized recourse to distance learning”.

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Draghi outlined in his introduction: “In Italy, schools have reopened when they resume after the Christmas holidays. As has happened in other large European countries, the United Kingdom or France or others. These include No one has ever closed their schools. Indiscriminately. For a long time. And these countries have the same epidemic situation as ours”.

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