“Drag Race France” eventually continues its broadcast on France.

This is the good news fans were hoping for: while France TV initially planned to air only the first episode drag race On France 2, Change of Legs: Seasons remains on schedule on the channel in addition to streaming on Slash.

What’s better than queens and sequins? Queens and glitter on a public channel! first episode of drag race france It was broadcast on France 2 on Saturday 25 June, which allows us to discover the ten candidates who represent the crme de la crme of French drag. Then the TV channel had to bring the torch to the French streaming platform. TV Slash, however, encouraged by an audience of 914,000 viewers, will finally continue airing the full season this Saturday, July 2. This will happen in the second half of the evening, right after Fort Boyard, Good news for latecomers who missed the Thursday special airing at 8 p.m. on Slash: No excuse not to enjoy the remaining seven episodes.

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During the first episode, ten candidates dazzled with high-flying performances in front of an extraordinary jury composed of Nikki Doll, their mistress of the ceremonies, and host Daphne Burki and artist Kiddie Smile. The queens also paid tribute to a very special haute couture guest: Jean-Paul Gaultier. Attention spoilers, go the way of poor innocents: it’s the great La Cahena who abandoned the adventure at the end of this first episode, despite the brilliant interpretation of Josén Balasco’s look in the film. Arlett Adorned with savage touches. A culture he exposed to while addressing personally essential topics like mental health, explaining how drag represented a lifeline of sorts for him.

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drag raceone program for all

“It is important today, in this ever-changing world, to be able to speak to all of our audiences, relying on the complementarity between our linear antennas and our France.TV platform”Alexandra Redde-एmile, director of entertainment and sport at France Television, said at 20 minutesevolve: “It is a long-standing commitment by France Television in favor of diversity, inclusion and tolerance. It is a great honor to offer this program and to promote and discover this art among the general public.”

France thus became the second country, after the United Kingdom, to benefit from the broadcast of the program on a public channel. Most of the other adaptations of the show – Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand – were actually only available for streaming. According to data available to Alexandra Redde-Emil, “All the spectators gathered around the show” last Saturday. “We have set extremely interesting and exciting goals for the future, for example 10.3% for 25-29 year olds”, she rejoices. Singing, creating, dancing, inclusion, humor and charity: drag race There really is a program for everyone.

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Photo Credit: Drag Race France / France TV

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