Dr Hilary warns against public being rushed back to work as it could cause second wave

Dr Hilary warns against public being rushed back to work as it could cause second wave

Dr Hilary Jones has told Good Morning Britain viewers why they should think, before rushing back to the office amid new coronavirus guidelines.

It’s claimed Prime Minister Boris Johnson will urge the country and employers to return to work, back in offices, amid hopes to boost the economy after the impact of Covid-19.

While restrictions continue to lift, UK is still in lockdown but many of the public may be expected to return to offices following Boris’ statement.

But Dr Hilary, who will take a break from GMB next week, has revealed why people should think before doing this.

He advised why not everyone should rush back to the office, amid constant fears of a second wave of the virus hitting the UK.

Dr Hilary Jones has warned against the public being rushed back to work

As some places in the UK are dealing with local lockdowns, or the potential of one, Hilary shared his thoughts with hosts Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins.

Charlotte had asked him about the prospect of people leaving their homes, and suddenly being around lots of people on public transport and in buildings.

He explained: “It’s a balance. On the one hand you’ve got the health of the economy to consider, and then you’ve got medical health to consider as well.

Office workers are set to be urged to return to the office

“It’s all about the prevalence of this virus, the virus is still out there, we know that there are many new cases, we still see a mortality rate from this virus.

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“So it’s about a balance. I understand that businesses need to get going again, but if you are going to measure the prevalence of the virus that is a scientific measurement if you like.”

He went on: “It’s about testing and monitoring the virus and the population, how it’s affecting the population. Hospitals are still busy.

Dr Hilary Jones joined GMB hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Adil Ray

“I think if people can work from home it makes sense, because the more people who mingle the less social distancing you have.

“When you have a pandemic, the more infection you are going to see, and the more impact that’s gonna have on health services.

“So I think a gradual return to work is understandable, but I think since people have found working from home is practical and is doable it makes sense to do this very gradually and not rush into it.”

Dr Hilary Jones advised people to work from home if they could

He also warned about the increasing road and public transport use, adding: “If we all rush back now, and there are millions of people still working from home, if there’s too much of a rush we’re gonna get into trouble.

“We’re gonna see a second wave, and that’s what we need to avoid.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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