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With the new GTA 5 DLC players will be able to find Franklin Clinton, but American producer Dr. Dre is also joining the story.

the universe of gta 5 Full of characters with strong personalities who never fail to bring adventure to life, whether in story mode or online. Rockstar Games therefore likes to bring them back regularly during DLC, this time it’s Dr. Dre and Franklin Clinton who will be leading the update.

That’s why Dr. Dre and Franklin Clinton will be present in the next DLC GTA 5 Online is scheduled for next week.

Dr. Dre and Franklin Clinton will be in new DLC for GTA 5 Online

Players will not be able to go into detail when they watch the trailer for the next DLC for GTA 5 Online: Dr Dre and Franklin Clinton Appearance, Thus two characters will guide the player in the new update, Contract, focused on the world of music.

Dr. Dre and Franklin Clinton will be characters in the new GTA 5 DLC

Franklin Clinton is the first playable character in GTA 5’s story mode. Initially accompanied by Lamar Davis (who will also be part of the DLC), a young man from the South Los Santos neighborhood joins Michael and Trevor.

Dr. Dre is a very real character. The American hip-hop producer has actually worked with Eminem and Snoop Dogg after being part of the NWA, a group from Compton, a city in the greater Los Angeles area. His avatar appeared in GTA 5 Online last year with the Cayo Perico Heist DLC trailer.

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