Dozens of wandering planets detected in our galaxy

Rotating planets are very special celestial bodies and our galaxy is said to have many of them. They would indeed be planets, in the sense that they have the mass of a planet, But those who are not attached to any starsNo star by gravity. In this sense, they have neither sunset nor sunrise and roam freely in the galaxy.

Therefore, it is very difficult for scientists to detect rotating planets. However, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) revealed the detection with its telescopes, “At least 70” Wandering Planets in Our Galaxy, This discovery, broadcast by the magazine Numerama “This will be an important step towards understanding the origins and characteristics of these mysterious galactic nomads,” ESO said in a statement.

The observatory states that it “One of the largest group of rotating planets ever discovered”.

very difficult to detect

This discovery is even more surprising, because with the means available to us, it is very difficult to detect a wandering planet. In fact, “not being located near a star that can illuminate them, It is not normally possible to image them“, ESO explains. But, even after millions of years, these planets are “still hot enough to shine, which makes them detectable by sensitive cameras on large telescopes.” ,

“We measured the tiny movements, colors, and brightness of millions of sources over a large area of ​​the sky,” says astronomer Nuria Miret-Roig. The discovery also opens the door to the possible identification of these wandering planets that could be thousands in our solar system.

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