Doug Ford receives second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. Coronavirus: Ontario

Mr Ford remembered his AstraZeneca on camera at a pharmacy in western Toronto at noon on Thursday.

or, take CCNI The use of AstraZeneca vaccine as a second dose is no longer recommended, unless a messenger RNA vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna) is unavailable or contraindicated.

According to the committee, a second dose of vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna produces a stronger immune response.

Mr. Ford took his first dose of AstraZeneca in a press appearance on April 9. At the time, politicians were trying to convince the public that the vaccine was safe, as rare cases of thrombosis in vaccinated people made headlines.

Ontario has since stopped giving the AstraZeneca vaccine as a first dose, but continues to allow Ontario people to take it as a booster if they choose, adding that there is a risk of thrombosis after a second dose. The risk is very low.

Premier Ford was pleased on Thursday that the province would move into a second phase of deconfinement on June 30, two days earlier than expected, specifically for vaccinations.

If this was your first dose, make an appointment for your booster as soon as possible.

A quote from:Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

Doug Ford’s press secretary Ivana Yelich says that before the vaccination on Thursday, the Prime Minister Looking forward to receiving my second dose of AstraZeneca, which offers great protection against COVID-19, including serious illness and hospitalization..

He said that all Health Canada-approved vaccines available in the province are safe and effective, and we urge all Ontarians to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Mr Ford was eligible to be recalled from 7 June after the province shortened the interval between two doses from 12 to 8 weeks.

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