Doubts about referendum on climate, criticized Macron

Is the climate referendum agreement already in place? The JDD confirmed that Emmanuel Macron has released the ballot, sparking the wrath of environmentalists demonstrating on Sunday, while the head of state still wants to amend the constitution.

The amendment of Article 1 of the Constitution to integrate climate protection “is not buried by any means”, assented to the Elysée on Sunday, without mentioning the referendum in which the president wished to validate this change in fundamental law .

“If things remain the same, as there would be no referendum,” though Assembly Speaker Richard Ferrand on Radio J admitted. “Senate has a more conservative majority (…) on environmental issues”.

The Senate, which is governed by the right and which should examine the text already voted on Monday by the National Assembly, “has chosen its substance to vacate the Citizens’ Conference (CCC) proposal for climate , And therefore to block the agreement “, also alleges as deputy spokesperson for the LREM group in the Pyré-Alexandre Angerde Assembly in the JDD.

Article 1 of the Basic Law contains a bill severely inspired by the CCC that France “guarantees the protection of the environment and biological diversity and the fight against climate change”. However, the majority of the Senate rejects the term “guarantee”, which accordingly makes the preservation of the environment a priority over other constitutional principles.

– “Signal disturbances” –

Constitutional amendment is possible only if the text is adopted by the Legislative Assembly and the Senate alike. The amendment may then be presented at the choice of the President, either in a referendum or in a meeting of Parliament in Congress. The latter decides by a 3 / 5th majority.

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“This is the fault of Emanuel Macron”, who “always made a promise that he could not keep”, accusing the national secretary of France’s EELV Julian Beau.

The candidate topped the list in Ile-de-France for regional elections in June, he addressed the participants in the Climate March, assuring them that the EELV would “translate into action” in the CCC’s proposals in the regions.

Left parties from LFI to PS through EELV signed a forum on Friday in Liberation to participate in a climate march jointly organized in 150 cities. They make fun of climate legislation read for the first time in the National Assembly on Tuesday, which they find insufficient.

“Declaring a new commitment to ecology denied by Emanuel Macron and LREM, and undoubtedly one of the most important”, the environmental sub-Mathieu Orpillian, for his part, judged that “the government was maneuvering that process.” Do not go in the end, refused. ” All consultation with the Senate “.

The potential repeal of the referendum “sends a worrying signal on the awareness of these topics among lawmakers”, Greenpeace said, recalling that the state, signatory to the Paris climate agreement, “is already against climate change in relation to the environmental charter” There is an obligation fight. ” , Which is part of the constitutional bloc ”.

– Arm wrestling –

The authority engaged in a deadlock with a majority in the regional election accused the head of state of “hypocrisy”. The tension on this side is part of the context of a takeover bid adopted by Emmanuel Macron on the Liberal Right’s electorate with a 2022 approach.

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“Before the Senate voted anything and discussions began with the National Assembly, Emanuel Macron accused us of blocking him to repeal the referendum he did not want. The maneuvers and the hypocrisy of this mandate Will mark the final year. ” Senator leader LR Bruno Retelue tweeted.

Although the JDD confirms the majority and citing anonymous sources on Elysée, that Emmanuel Macron has already left the holding of this referendum, Elysée ensures that “the fight is not over” and that “the cause is ecological Is one of the president’s priorities. ” “.

The CCC’s 146 measures “come to meet the president’s ecological agenda”, recalling Elysee, who argues “three major laws of change in energy, transport and the circular economy, the law on hydrocarbons, which added 30 Huh.” Billion euro + green + of the recovery plan.

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