Double rumors about Melania Trump’s body have resurfaced after the release of new ‘fake’ pictures

The bizarre rumor is that Melania Trump has replaced Double Body Double.

Pictures of President Donald Trump and First Lady Boarding Marine One at the White House have sparked outrage on social media as agglomerated Twitter users claim the woman is not Mrs. Trump.

Rumors of a Lukali standing for Mrs. Trump at an official event have been circulating on social media for years.

In 2019, a picture of the couple was spotted at a memorial for tornado victims in Alabama because Twitter users thought Mrs. Trump looked different in the picture.

The latest image shows the president with Mrs. Trump as he leaves the White House in Nashville, Tennessee, on Thursday, October 22nd.

Wild rumors have spread on social media about the presence of Melania Trump in the campaign

One close up of the woman in the helicopter

The first woman wore black sunglasses and blurred her face and smiled broadly, presumably because the woman was in fact an eroded.

Twitter users pointed out to Mrs. Trump that there is a similar difference between Hasani and her presence.

One Twitter user said: The only thing I will miss from this administration is that they are rolling in new melanias and just pretending we don’t see puppies like 4 year olds.

“I never believed #Feckmelania Conspiracy, but you can say it 100% that he is not, because he is looking at the Christmas tree in the distance with affection. “

Another tweeted: “Has anyone tested the” real “Melania?”

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Comedian Patton Oswalt posted: “It’s … so not Melania, they didn’t even try.”

The president even addressed this conspiracy theory last year, but he blamed journalists for treating the image.

He tweeted: “The fake news photoshopped Melania, then drove the conspiracy theories that it’s not really mine in Alabama and elsewhere.”

“They’re only getting worse over time!”

As Saturday entered the final phase of the U.S. presidential election, Mr. Trump came up with the idea of ​​attending public meetings in Ohio, Wisconsin and North Carolina.

The first lady was significantly absent on the campaign trail compared to her predecessors.

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