Doors – Trailer: V / H / S-Team sends us on an incredible journey

It is well known that some doors should be closed. But it is certainly said that millions of mysterious portals open all over the world, challenging human curiosity and nature. Josh Peck (Drake and Josh, Mean Creek, red Dawn), Lina Sco (Powerful kill) And Wilson Bethel (Heart of dixie, brave) Can’t resist temptation and pull in The doorsNew science fiction and horror behind the producer team V / h / s, Becky And South bound, Indescribable fear soon!

Because what lies behind the inexplicable opening is not already clear. Are there portals of supernatural origin? Are there any plans behind this? While some are horrifically drowned in it, only to never reappear, others await the potential danger that may come out of it and bring death and destruction to Earth and its inhabitants.

‘Doors’ promises endless possibilities

But not all campaigns are arbitrary. To find out more about the origin and characteristics, the government hires volunteer guinea pigs who work bravely to go on a fact-finding mission. But even they are apparently not ready which is waiting on the other side.

Because a million doors disturb a million threats, but at the same time many incredible stories and adventures – making the idea an ideal starting point for an exciting collection of short stories. And with such entertainment, Brad Mieschka and Tom Owen know each other as the creator and creator of the horrific horror feelings V / h / s, S-VHS Aka v / h / s2 And Vhs viral Of course the best. This time it is more than an effective display of sheer terror. They wanted to let off steam in a different sandpit, says Miska, whose new anthology entry provides us with three possible answers to the question:

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What is waiting on the other side? © Epic Picture Group

“What’s behind this?” Through a constantly changing perspective, the film gives us young talents like Saman Kesh (Hit tv, Controller), Jeff Dessom and Dugan O’Neill, in which a full range of human emotions (including fear, as the ratings from Great Britain suggest) come to light.

The doors (or The gateAs the film is known internationally) hit the American store on April 9 and a few days later, on Great Britain on the 19th of the same month. Even if we do not yet have a confirmed start date for Germany, it is almost certain that one will soon be able to step into the mysterious portals in this country.

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Written by Torstra Schrader on March 1, 2021

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