Doom inside a pregnancy test? Why not!

Doom inside a pregnancy test? Why not!

Taking a doom and gloom on unfamiliar and unexpected computers is a long-term step, with ID software’s seminal shooter everything from digital cameras to McDonald’s cash registers. Now technotineker Fun Turing has demonstrated the subject of playing doom in pregnancy tests, which is the wildest ever seen. This is not a convenient way to play Doom (and while playing Doom, OVVS you cannot use the tester for this function) but by the way, it does. This fame drives people to find even more to run the Resurrection.

Yes, it’s controlled with a keyboard, nothing else …

Fun Turing has been feeding on equivalent pregnancy tests for a few days, sharing the results on Twitter. They started Taken aside To test the stories that digital testers use the same old paper test strip as analog tests, they only have digital bits to read the lines and translate them into “pregnant” and “not pregnant” messages on a screen. We will! Inevitably leads to more tinkering and after a long time they swap parts and put a video player inside the pregnancy test. This is enough for low fidelity memes like Skyrim Intro:

They begin by saying, “It’s a replacement display and a replacement microcontroller.” Explanation. “I’m not using any real tester other than the shell,” they said Added, “Existing CPU cannot be retrofitted and existing LCD can only show 4 things, so I had to replace both to make any changes.” But they think they will be able to get all the new hardware inside the old shell.

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It’s not really a doom on a pregnancy test, but it’s a doom inside a pregnancy test and I would definitely take it.

Turing Says If you want to play at home, they plan to post more explanations and instructions for Doom soon. They’ve got a patron and co-fi to support their work.

For more unexpected devices to play Doom, it runs Doom! See, a Tumblr account that tracks lots of oddities. I myself once contributed a tiny, tiny, really small amount of decoration to the doom piano, which was controlled up to the piano key, so that you could play the katakati by crushing the cacodemons:

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