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Android Apps Weekly - Cubes LE3
Welcome to the 347th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are last week’s big headlines:

  • The beta version of the official Xbox app now streams games from your Xbox to your phone. It works just like the Xbox Insider program but now it doesn’t need an internal program. This is a big step towards streaming games with Xbox. Microsoft also made waves earlier this week by buying Genimax (Bethesda’s parent company). Hit the two links to learn more.
  • Amazon announced Lunar this week. This is a new game streaming service like Google Studio. People buy a controller, connect it to a Fire TV device, and stream games. The new service comes with 50 games launch, 1080p and 60fps game play (including the premium version) and 4K streaming features that are integrated with the Luna Twitch. It is quite a good competitor in this place and Stadia should be given a run for its money.
  • Sling TV has launched a new social distance feature this week. The app now includes Watch Party, a video chat service that lets you chat with people while watching the same show on TV. Unfortunately, the feature is not available on every platform where you can get a sling TV but it is at least available in the app version. The new feature combines this sharing experience with other streaming services.
  • The U.S. has temporarily lifted sanctions on WeChat and TickTock. Tiktok has found itself a buyer with Oracle and Walmart that could prevent it from being put on the hot seat for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, a judge has blocked the US from banning WeChat from the App Store for the time being. Tiktok’s development is huge since it wasn’t going to sell to Microsoft. Trump said he approved the Oracle deal so that the whole story could end.
  • Epic Games and Spotify are coming together to reform the big app store. Both companies dislike the 30% cut that Apple and Google are cutting in the App Store and Google Play, respectively, and want bigger cuts for them (and perhaps, other developers). Match (developer of most dating apps you know) and Tile also joined the new alliance, dubbed the Coalition for App Fairness. Hit the link to learn more about their needs.
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Battle Tank 2

Price: The game is free

Battle Tank 2 is an arcade PVP game with a bunch of tanks. Players play real-time against three players against other players with only your tank to keep you safe. There are additional tanks and various upgrades to unlock as you progress. You basically fight the opposition until someone removes the main base of the other party. It’s not an overly complex or deep game and it’s pretty easy to get into. The game doesn’t have too many tutorials and the battles are relatively fast. However, the game is a bit buggy and unchanged. We suggest waiting a bit later to see if the developers fix it, but it has a good foundation.


Price: Free / 9.99 per month / 54.99 per year

Kippo is a dating app especially for gamers. The app asks things like games you like and other things like that. It connects you with people who like to play the same games and like the same thing. It’s not a solid foundation, yet it’s a neat idea. The application is free to use for basic stuff like profile creation and basic matching. However there is a premium subscription option with more features. It’s kind of like the gamer version of Tinder but it’s a little deeper than just physical attraction. Whatever it is, it’s a decent option in the dating space for gamers.

Kippo screenshot 2020

The story of the BTS Universe

Price: The game is free

BTS Universe Story is a visual novel style simulation game. Players choose one of seven characters (all boys) and make various decisions to influence the outcome of their lives. You can also create your own story and to tell the truth is really the real image of this app. The creator of the story is rather decent and lets you do your own thing instead of what the game will tell you. Some stories require a purchase first, but this is a decent, kite game for Life Sim fans.

Cubosis d

Price: Free trial /. 54.99

Cubesis 3 (makers of Cubes) is an audio DAW that was actually launched a few months ago. It was extremely buggy to get started, and we wanted to give the developers time before writing it. Cubes is also the most popular DAW on PC so it is such a big deal that there is an Android version here. The trial version (attached to the button) gives you 30 minutes of demo time to see if you like it and you can restart the demo and repeat it as you like. In terms of features, it is a full-featured and has unlimited MIDI tracks, tons of features and a high sky price tag. We recommend checking out the demo first.

Harry Potter: Puzzles and spells

Price: The game is free

Harry Potter: A new arcade match three game of puzzle and spelling jingle. It plays like most match-three games. You match together different shapes to clear from the board until you win the level. You have the same old special abilities as you see in most of the games in this genre but here are all Harry Potter themed. Skills are upgradeable and collectible as you play which can also help you in the game. The game also lets you recapture old Harry Potter moments. It’s not overly imaginative, if you’re into this kind of thing, it’s a rock solid match-three game.

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