Don’t miss the 9 video games Amazon Prime offered in December

Amazon has unveiled gifts that will be offered to its Prime customers as part of its gaming component. There are many games.

did you know Every month, your Amazon Prime subscription gives you access to gaming bonuses. And it’s not only a question of little additional content, but more or less full-fledged video games as well. Amazon just revealed its December selection, and it’s Christmas ahead of its time.

So members will be able to pick up nine video games on PC by December 1. As always, there is something for everyone. Three titles in particular caught our attention: frostpunk, need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit And morkred, Note that it’s not too late to download the November selection (excellent Control in batches).

Amazon Prime Gaming in December // Source: Amazon

These 3 Games Introduced By Amazon Prime In December Are Definitely Worth It


what is it Good for? frostpunk A demanding post-apocalyptic management game, in which you have to deal with survivors during an impending cold on Earth. As a result, the obstacles are numerous and there really is no time to procrastinate. This state of emergency involves important choices very quickly, which makes frostpunk very interesting. Mistakes are unforgivable and some good reflexes need to be kept in mind to start off the adventure well. Note that a sequel is being prepared.

need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit

what is it Good for? Need for Speed ​​is a racing game saga built around accessible gameplay. If she got lost along the way in recent years, need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit There are still exhilarating sensations to provide. In the shoes of a thug or a cop, we go on a frenzied chase. There’s an old school flavor that recent protests have lost.

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what is it Good for? There aren’t many games that offer a true cooperative experience. morkred, with its physics-based puzzles that require two-person thinking (you have to be in the light), plunges into a dark and enigmatic environment. It’s best to play it in pairs, but you can also play it alone.

How do I get offered games on Amazon Prime?

To retrieve the games offered by Amazon Prime, you will need to visit this page and identify yourself with your Amazon account (you must be a subscriber, of course).

  • Click on ‘play with prime‘, which lists all the titles offered.
  • just click ontake a game,

This is how you can access your library from the Amazon Games application or any other gaming platform as appropriate (note, only Windows PCs are compatible).

Recovery will be from 1st December:

  • need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit
  • frostpunk
  • savage planet trip
  • Football Manager 2021
  • morkred
  • spellcaster university
  • Youtubers Life
  • Stops Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
  • Tales from Monkey Island Complete Pack

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