Don’t buy a Google Home or Amazon Echo speaker this month – here’s why

Don't buy a Google Home or Amazon Echo speaker this month - here's why

Google and Amazon, two of the most popular on the planet, are moving forward with their home and eco-smart speakers. But if you’re thinking of treating yourself to one of these intelligent music makers, we suggest waiting a few weeks.

Both Amazon and Google are hosting a big launch event in September and we expect the new smart speakers to be released worldwide.

Google has even confirmed that a new speaker is running with an invitation to an event on Wednesday, September 30. “We invite you to learn all about our new Chromecast, our smart speakers and our new Pixel phone.”

Although Amazon has been quite specific, the online retailer simply stated that it is hosting an Amazon Devices and Services event on September 24th which means we will see a rebooted range of echoes next week.

So what can we expect from Google and Amazon later this month?

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This means that Google plans to include a battery pack in the speaker to make it more portable.

Amazon has yet to release a battery-powered version of its popular Echo device and that could give Google a huge advantage … unless the US retail giant does it at its event.

It’s possible that Amazon will also announce a new battery-powered Echo because this hugely popular device doesn’t currently offer

An upgrade to the Echo Dot and Echo Plus could also come and we’ll see some more devices that feature on the display.

This has certainly been an exciting week for Google and Amazon fans to look forward to, and as we said at the beginning of this article, it’s worth the wait before you head online and put a smart speaker in your shopping basket.

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