Donald Trump’s ‘joke’ cases in the coronavirus test reveal negligence as they increase

Meanwhile, Trump also helped wear the masks, which proved to be slowly transmitted, into a culture war problem. Its Saturday night rally in Oklahoma was a scolding of the concept of social withdrawal – ironically, a smaller crowd than expected would make such practices possible. Health experts warn that the sudden increases in infections in states such as Florida and Arizona, both of which have made new peaks at weekly daily infection rates, stemmed from the public’s willingness to avoid large meetings and their willingness to wear masks.

The President’s poor example represents a typical effort to divide Americans and highlight divisions on specific issues for his political gain. But in the long run, as well as risking thousands of lives, it is inefficient because a tighter effort to avoid an increase in infections when states are opened has come into trouble in Trump’s recent weeks.

The White House effectively reveals that the U.S. has no plans or inclinations to aggressively tackle the worst public health crisis in a century, while trying to ignore rising infections, and the U.S. is unable to see sharp drops in infections, reaching the peak of other major industrialized countries. .

Yet another week begins with a White House in turmoil

The White House begins a new week in a typical debate storm intensified by Trump’s rally, which could turn into a super-scattering event during an epidemic, and the management’s decision to fire senior prosecutor Geoffrey Berman in New York, respect for the rule of law and independence of the justice system raised new concerns about.

A Trump adviser told CNN that Trump was “very” upset about the attendance at the rally on Saturday night. President’s donors and friends said that Trump smoked on Sunday after a badly attended rally this weekend.

Meanwhile, the virus is still getting worse and management does not appear on the same page as to whether there will be a second wave in the fall. White House trade advisor Peter Navarro, despite telling CNN’s Jake Tapper about the “House of Unity” prepared by the White House, Vice President Mike Pence accused him of provoking the media “panic” on that front.

The administration’s efforts to speed up the early coronavirus test in pandemics worsened the effect of the disease. And while the number of tests currently reached 25 million, the figure is far below millions of tests a week that healthcare professionals need to determine the true spread of the disease and monitor and isolate infected.

Discussions about Trump’s test comments completed a miserable weekend that is expected to deliver the momentum of the President, but instead left his political weaknesses, including his habit of saying wild things away from his campaign. CNN reported that the President was angry, about the poor crowd – about 6,200 people – who came to his rally in Tulsa after spending weeks, claiming that participation would break records.
During his rally on Saturday night, Trump claimed he had told his staff to do a slow test to cover up the true extent of the disease. And he did not recommend it for the first time.

“You know the test is a double-edged sword,” Trump said Saturday. “Here’s the bad part … when you test to this extent, you will find more people; you will find more cases. So I said to my people, slow down the test, please.”

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It is not clear whether the authorities were testing slowly at a time when they claimed they were speeding up and declaring that the USA was the world leader in testing. A management official told CNN that Trump “was clearly kidding”. Navarro also said that the President was joking about the “State of the Union” on Sunday.

“Now, that was the tongue on the cheek,” Tapper said. “It was a light moment for him at the rally.”

Why is the president joking about the test effort in an epidemic that kills thousands of Americans and sets out the responsibilities of its administration. But if he spoke by gesture, the explanation reflects that he is approaching the epidemic on his own and rejects scientific steps that could improve the situation.

National Security Secretary Chad Wolf argued that Trump was mad at the press because it covered (actually true) new emerging cases of coronavirus infections.

“What you heard from the President was disappointing – I believe we have tested more than 25 million Americans in the sense that we have tested. We have tested more than any other country in this world,” said Wolf with “One Hundred Nations” on the GIS Sunday. “Instead, the press and others, all they want to focus on is an increasing number of cases.”

Trump’s words made an immediate discount from the campaign of potential Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“Fox News Sunday,” said Symone Sanders, a senior Biden consultant, “is a terrible attempt to reduce these numbers just to make them look good.” Said.

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“This will be remembered long after a collapse about a rally last night – the assumption that the President has slowed down the test for his political benefit.”

Rising infection rates

Public health experts reacted to not believe Trump’s comments on the test.

“This is incredibly frustrating for millions of Americans who get sick and can’t get tested. It should be incredibly frustrating for people who have lost their families in the nursing home, because we couldn’t test nursing. Residents and workers, or meat packaging factory staff Unfortunately, this is not a joke,” he said.

Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policies at the University of Minnesota, said that on the “Meet the Press” NBC’s pandemic is like a “forest fire” that might slow down and be exacerbated by White. House’s lack of strategy.

“At this point, we don’t have a national plan that brings together what we are really trying to do. We have 50 different states, Columbia District, regions, everything with their own plans,” I said Osterholm. “Today, we are at 70% of the number of cases where pandemic cases were high in early April, and anyway, ‘This is where we have to see it, what we have to do to make some effort there, and this is one of our challenges.”

The new criticism of the administration’s bad response to the pandemic coincided with new alarming evidence that the disease is making progress in the southern and western states. Arizona health officials reported 2,592 new infections on Sunday. The total number of cases in the state almost doubled in 14 days. Tulsa County, which hosts Trump’s rally, reported a new daily high coronavirus case, which was 143 in the previous 24 hours. Florida reported 3,000 more Covid-19 cases on Sunday after a new daily peak reached more than 4,000 new infections the day before.

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Officials in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and other states report that a higher proportion of young people test positive for the virus. While young people typically experience less severe Covid-19 symptoms than their elderly, they can spread them to others, and the data are alarming because social distance and masking have collapsed.

Nevertheless, the President refused to wear masks among the public and at least remained unstable about their use, and his conservative supporters portrayed the use of masks as an attempt to violate Americans’ fundamental freedoms. If the president created a model for wearing a mask – or if he claimed that the platform’s significance and impact on its supporters would be a temporary discomfort that could help anyone to continue normal life earlier – it could have had a big impact.

“The best speaker will be the President,” Democrat Phoenix mayor Kate Gallego told CNN to Wolf Blitzer before the city’s Trump incident.

“If he tells everyone at this rally that it is important to wear a mask, they will believe,” Gallego said. Said. “Please send the strongest signal to everyone – they should wash their hands, wear masks and if they have patients, they should stay home if there are any questions.”

Although the Trump campaign distributed masks at the rally held on Saturday, few people in the crowd seemed to be wearing them. Senior officials traveling with the President refused to dress up largely and flashy. This is despite the fact that six campaigners were sent to prepare the rally test positive for the virus before the President arrived.

CNN’s Jim Acosta and Sarah Westwood contributed to this report.

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