Donald Trump is considering Joe Biden’s inaugural 2024 campaign rally. US News

Donald Trump is considering running for the White House again in 2024, launching a campaign on the day Joe Biden is sworn in as the 4th President of the United States.

NBC claims that people familiar with the talks say “preliminary plans” are underway for an event on January 20, 2021, and that President Trump will miss the swearing-in of his successor.

It also said there were no plans to invite Joe Biden to the White House in advance or even call him. As part of this, the Beadon Transition team said the lack of communication would not affect their plans.

Donald Trump at his inauguration in 2017

NBC reports that Mr. Trump told advisers that he wants to start the 2024 campaign right after the Dec. 14 Electoral College meeting.

He has already started raising funds for future political activities, a Political Action Committee (PAC) called Save America was launched last month.

Leadership PACs can receive 5 5,000 (3,725) in donations each year from individual donors. They may also receive money from other political action committees.

Although Trump has proposed emails from potential contributors to the PAC for donations to an “election defense fund,” the PAC rules that the money raised could be used for underwriting voting, travel, staff and other expenses for its own political activities.

The Trump team has decided not to extend the lease to its 2020 campaign headquarters in Virginia as the smaller party has left elsewhere, a source familiar with the talks said.

Supporters say Mr. Trump has discussed starting a television channel or social media company to put himself in the spotlight ahead of a possible 2024 White House bid.

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It is rare, though not unprecedented, for a permanent president to break the rules for not taking part in the swearing in of his successors.

John Adams, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Johnson all avoided the event when Richard Nixon left the White House following his resignation and did not attend Gerald Ford’s swearing-in ceremony.

US President-elect Joe Biden speaks to reporters after an online meeting with members of the executive committee of the National Governors Association (NGA) in Wilmington, Delaware, on November 19, 2020.
Joe Biden and his team say their plans for January 20 will not be affected

Mr. Trump’s persuasive attempt to reclaim his defeat in the November election told U.S. Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday that federal prosecutors Extensive voter fraud found no evidence.

“To date, we have not seen any scale or fraud that could affect the outcome of the election,” Mr. Barr told the Associated Press.

Mr. Barr’s position is significant because he is seen as one Donald TrumpThe strongest ally.

Trump’s campaign responded that the judiciary did not adequately investigate.

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