Donald Trump claims US soldiers killed ‘successful’ and ‘losers’

Donald Trump claims US soldiers killed 'successful' and 'losers'

The alleged comments about Senator McCain came after multiple attacks on former Republican presidential candidate Mr. Trump. In 2015, shortly after his presidential candidacy began, Mr. Trump publicly threatened McCain, saying “he is not a war hero.” He added: “I like people who are not caught.”

Mr. Trump only broadened his criticism of McCain as Arizona lawmakers escalated his criticism of the monolithic style of politics, eventually getting a night’s “no” vote that thwarted Mr. Trump’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The vote tied the two together because of some biased allegiance, and Mr. Trump has continued to attack McCain for that vote, even posthumously.

The magazine said Mr Trump referred to former President George HW Bush as a “loser” because he had been shot dead by the Japanese as a World War II navy pilot.

Mr Trump vehemently denied the report on Thursday night, calling it an “embarrassing situation” by a “horror magazine”.

Speaking to Air Force One passenger reporters on his way back to Washington from a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump said: “What animal would talk like that?”

White House Chief of Staff Mark Maddos said: “It’s unfortunate that people will try to ridicule someone while leading the presidential election campaign.”

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