Dominica’s tourism director welcomes UK travelers to the island

02.07.2021 – 21:57

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during an exclusive interview with sky News Dominica’s tourism director Colin Piper talks about Britain’s recent decision to put the island on the green travel list. The update allows British visitors to visit the island without being quarantined upon their return. Piper stressed that Dominica’s safe procedures and protocols are the reason the island has seen so few cases. Since the pandemic broke out, the Caribbean nation has had zero deaths due to the government’s efficient handling of the virus.

Dominica opened its borders to international visitors last summer and implemented programs and initiatives to ensure the safety of citizens and travelers while boosting tourism. This includes the “Safe in Nature” campaign, which provides a managed tourism experience that follows strict guidelines to protect visitors.

Piper noted that the tourism sector is an important part of Dominica’s economy: “It is certainly one of the productive sectors and we see it as a growth engine as it brings in foreign exchange and its impact within the economy So that the common man can earn his livelihood. The director also highlighted the country’s future plans for tourism, including the construction of infrastructure, hotels and an international airport.

Known as the “Natural Island of the Caribbean,” those traveling to Dominica can experience a wide range of unique experiences committed to the natural environment. From the world’s second largest boiling lake to a river every day of the year and several national parks, Dominica is very different from the typical sun, sea, and sand Caribbean vacation.

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“Dominica is fast becoming a popular destination for environmentally conscious travelers, especially those who want a luxury experience, but not at the expense of the environment. In recent years, Dominica has grown internationally, such as Marriott, Hilton and Kempinski. Welcome to renowned hoteliers at eco-friendly resorts on the island. We are committed to sustainability in all our operations as the environment is our top priority,” said Tourism Minister Denise Charles to CS Global Partners.

Visitors looking to make their stay in Dominica more permanent can do so through the Popular Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program. Launched in 1993, the program invites foreign investors and their families to become citizens of the nation as soon as they make financial contributions to government funds or through pre-approved real estate options. After making the qualifying investments and going through the necessary security checks, applicants will receive citizenship with a number of benefits. These include freedom to travel to more than 140 countries and territories, the right to live, work and study in the nation, and above all, lifelong citizenship, which can be inherited from generations.

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