Dominic Cummings may be on Boris Johnson’s side, but his influence in the UK will be felt long after he leaves. Politics news

When the UK leaves the European Union altogether on 31 December – the size of that trade deal or no decision on a deal in the coming days – the person who was so instrumental in making Brescit leave will also leave.

Dominic CummingsThe prime minister’s chief adviser was a vote campaign architect who won the 2016 referendum and then returned to Downing Street in 1998 to drive. Boris Johnson Brexit agreement

Mr. Cummings was the mastermind of “Oven Ready” Bracey“The general election victory that provided the largest conservative majority since Thatcher’s years.

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‘He’ll be missed’ – Cummings will drop to No. 10

When he is Leaving Downing Street, His impact on Britain will be felt long after he leaves.

But while Mr. Cummings has played a key role in the country’s Brexit journey, his unparalleled power and brutality in politics – (remember the expulsion of 21 Conservative MPs, including former Chancellor Sir Clark and Philip Hammond, at the top of the Brexit war?) With his team, he has forged relationships with Whitehall and the media.

Even after Mr. Cummings’ mid-lockdown trip to Durham, the Prime Minister’s relationship with the people was badly damaged, which resulted in the national scandal and Mr. Cummings becoming a family name for all the wrong reasons.

The Prime Minister spent a huge amount of political capital by saving an advisor which should be remembered by his own MPs and the public.

If Durham and Bernard Castle rotted around defeat, policy failures regarding the second lockdown, U-turns, and COVID, conducted in an unconventional style, ultimately proved fatal.

“The Prime Minister is the best analyst, he sees the problems,” wrote this week’s number one insider to me about the change of staff at the center of Operation No. 10. “The Prime Minister wants to change the mood.”

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Cummings ‘always asked why’ – Shaps

With a conflicting style and more prevalent, returning to compromise number 10, the big question is how will it change the Johnson administration’s emphasis and its policy goals?

A statistic tells me that the Prime Minister’s current policy chief Munira Mirza is in talks to move to the House of Lords and rebuild the policy unit by discussing a new face instead of a new one – names include MP and former head of policy exchange Neil and Brian, adviser Hayne Probably Oliver Lewis too.

The Prime Minister is also keen to improve the linkages between the policy-making unit and the parliamentary party – which MPs must welcome.

These changes are part of a larger push in Downing Street to dial the “culture war” that marked these 10 numbers – be it Brexit, the BBC and the broader media war reform, or the trans issue on

“He wants to focus more on what matters to him,” said one of the 10. “The environment, the welfare of women and girls, big infrastructure and crime.”

The prime minister is facing the most immediate and critical policy decision on whether to conclude a free trade agreement with the EU before the end of the transition period on 31 December.

Britain’s chief negotiator, Lord Frost, was “extremely dissatisfied” with the departure of his friend Mr Kane and briefly considered his resignation, but he continued the discussion, which Stalled last week The contract deadline slips further in November.

The tenth issue emphasized that Biden’s victory did not affect their negotiating strategy, but cabinet sources believed that the change of power had changed the pace of reaching an agreement and maintaining harmonious relations with the EU.

No deal without Trump in the White House suddenly seems too much against Great Britain’s zeitgeist and global interests.

Outside of Brexit, the prime minister’s policy of leveling up will be redefined as “building back better” – the question is whether he can keep a new party around him that will attack Mr Cummings and Mr Cain’s policy goals with enthusiasm and determination.

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The agenda is to be taken over by the new press secretary to the prime minister, Allegra Stratton, who the allies say has spent several years reporting as the national editor of ITV across the country before joining the government.

A year that brings to our memory the deadliest global pandemic and the biggest change in Britain’s foreign policy in decades will be punctured with Brexit; It ends with the Prime Minister deciding on the need to rebuild.

Although Mr Johnson was occasionally accused of being misguided, he was not at all this week, deciding that the two advisers who were once his best assets were now responsible instead.

A new year will begin for Mr. Johnson’s number ten.

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