Dog: Jail for the owners – because of the vegetarian diet!

Dog: Here Owners Could End Up In Jail If They Only Give Vegetarian Food To Their Four Legged Friend

Three Dog Parenting Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Three Dog Parenting Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Do you want a good dog? Then you shouldn’t make these parenting mistakes.

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what should i do for me Dog To eat?

Every owner asks himself this question. After all, choosing the right feed is extremely important and has a huge impact on health. Dog,

Dog: Meat-free meal for four-legged friends?

Because many dog ​​owners are big animal lovers and therefore omit animal products in their own diets, a curious trend has recently spread: more and more owners are simply giving their dogs a vegetarian diet.

This decision may well be made, but it misses a dog’s natural need for meat. Particularly in Great Britain, there has recently been an increase in the number of cases in which dogs or cats had health problems because their owners did not want to give any meat to the animals.

The Association of British Veterinarians now explicitly draws the attention of pet owners to the fact that pets must by law be kept in a species-appropriate manner. And that includes having a species-appropriate diet.


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Dog owners should feed meat

Daniela dos Santos, president of the Association of British Veterinarians, makes it very clear: “UK welfare law requires pet owners to provide their pets with appropriate food.”

Dos Santos makes it clear: “If your personal values ​​dictate that you don’t eat meat, that’s perfectly fine. But these thoughts cannot be transferred to your pet.”

Apart from dogs, it is mainly cats, who, as pure carnivores, depend on food containing meat. Dos Santos explains: “It’s also the case with dogs that in theory they could do without meat. But you can make a lot more mistakes with a meat-free diet for dogs than with a meat-based diet. Meat-free nutrition in dogs should only be done under the supervision of a veterinarian or a qualified nutritionist.”

Those who fail to do justice to their pets can expect dire consequences in Great Britain. The mentioned welfare law for animals was tightened 15 years ago. Any person violating this may be behind bars in particularly bad cases and may be punished with a fine of up to five points.

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