Does your iPhone battery drain quickly? For Apple, this is normal

Since updating to iOS 15.4, many users have been complaining of increased battery drain. Apple’s tech service is reassuring.

iphone 13 pro interface
iPhone 13 Pro // Source: Brandon Lopes – freandroid

Last week, Apple rolled out the update to iOS 15.4 on compatible iPhones, which included some expected features, like using Face ID with a mask and new emoji, but drew a flurry of criticism over the battery’s handling. According to some, autonomy will be greatly reduced.

a divisive update

Whether on Reddit or Twitter, there is a lot of evidence if not unanimous. If some say that the autonomy of their iPhone has increased after this update, then we can also read that people searching for autonomy of this version “absolutely ridiculous” Where “really bad“. However, it doesn’t seem to follow any specific logic. No iPhone model seems particularly spared or more affected than the others.

When questioned, Apple’s technical service was reassuringly aware of this problem, which we see almost systematically coming up with each new iOS update. It is remembered that “It’s normal for your apps and features to need adjustments up to 48 hours after an update“. During an update, the system rebuilds the file index, which may take more or less time depending on the amount of data stored on the phone. During this process, the iPhone can then consume more, especially at night. when it is on standby.

you have to watch

After each iOS update, especially the biggest ones, questions arise and the answers are often divided. While some builds stabilize on their own after a few days, others have genuine battery issues, which are usually quickly fixed with a new update. So we should keep this point in mind and report the problem to Apple if it persists.

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